Captain Fire 197 – Reflections

We had returned to the 197… I was not looking forward to seeing Jenna, as she would know right away what had occurred on Kalnos 9… What would she think of me.

So I went straight to her quarters to get it over with… And wouldn’t you know, Jono was there with her.

“Hello Nisho…” she said as I entered her room.

“Uh…” was all I could muster.

“What’s up Nisho…” Jono spoke.

Wow, both of them look so sad.

“I was just leaving, I’ll talk to you later Jenna…” he got up to leave.

As he walked out I considered smiling at him, but couldn’t.

“See you later Nisho…” he spoke as he left, and put his hand on my shoulder as he passed by.

“Uh…” yeah, that was about all I could say this evening.

“Sit down Nisho… It’s ok” Jenna spoke, and so I sat.

“It just happened, I’m so sorry Jenna…” I tried to explain. She turned and touched my face.

“Don’t be silly… I’m happy for you that it did” phew, this relieved me.

“Then? Why did you both look so sad?” with this she sat next to me.

“Jono’s had a very difficult past… Love is about as far from where he’s ready to be than anything else” she explained.

Love? “Uh, we just kissed… I mean–” I tried to explain, but she cut me off. “Jono doesn’t just kiss people Nisho… And the reason I’m sad, is because I feel the heaviness of his heart… This is a difficult thing for him”.

“Okay, well” I stood up “It’s okay, he doesn’t need to commit to me or anything, I’m young, he’s young, I mean–” she interrupted me again, and pulled me back down to my seat.

“That’s the thing… He is already committed to you… Like he’s committed to me… But different”. Okay, now I’m totally confused. Suddenly Captain Fire came over the intercom.

“All Crew Report to the meeting Chamber…” and so we did.

“Thanks for coming so quickly” Captain Fire spoke to all of us.

“I’m sorry for the run in with the Federation… That Moon Station wasn’t under their jurisdiction, so they really didn’t need to pursue us… It’s me that they’re after, and I apologize for it”. This stunned me.

“I will be spending the next week deciding whether I’m going to go ahead and turn myself into the Authorities…”.

“WHAT!! BUT SIR!! YOU CAN’T!!” the room came into an uproar.

He quieted them.

“This is my decision, and I alone will determine my best course of action… For all of us… This meeting is adjourned” and he walked out.

It was then that I realized Mino and Tamaron were both staring at me strangely.

“How was your trip… Nisho” Mino spoke curtly.

Boy she looked pissed… But why?

“Uhh…” I replied.

“Leave her alone Mino!” Tyo interjected.

And so they left, and soon it was just me and Tamaron.

“Did something happen on Kalnos 9 Nisho?” he spoke with those big innocent eyes.

Oh boy.



PICTURE CREDITS – A Digital Painting, Werewolf Love Story (The Boys Pack), Captain Harlock, Purple Haired Anime Girl, Anime Boys



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