Chess Vs. Yourself

There are times where I long for that conversation…

That conversation you might have with a Friend, Lover or even a Stranger at a Coffee Shop.

One of those conversations that actually get you questioning, and speaking about, the inner most fabrics of life.

Maybe you’ve had a few? I know I have.

Lately my Writing has been my only company… The only thing getting me thinking, and imagining.

But it’s nothing like the diet of Anima…

I’ve known of people who find Chess Players for life… Someone who they might meet up with every two or three months, set out a Chess Board, and Converse whilst they play.

Some of these people end up playing Chess together for 50, 60 years. In fact, they often use Chess in Films, as a way for two intellects to have conversations beyond and below their day to day choices, and living.

In some cases, even Villains and Heroes will come together in this mental foreground, and counter think one another.

Because the simple fact is, there’s more to Life than what we see, or say on the day to day…

I remember when I was a Kid, my Dad taught me how to play Chess. I was maybe 5 or 6. I was very good very quickly, and would try to play with my four year older Sister, and/or my one year 3 month younger Brother. But after beating them a few times, they would not play with me anymore.

I’d play with my Dad once in a while when I’d see him, but he generally beat me. The same went for my Favorite Uncle, beat me almost every time. I also remember playing with another Uncle, and a friend of my Mom’s.

I loved Chess… But I could never find that right Opponent. And so I sat it down.

Years later I remember taking a Small Business Management Class, and was teamed up with these two 18 year old kids who wanted to start their own Software Company. They were really, really bright.

One time I sat down with one of them, and started to play Chess well we conversed over a Class Project. Before he knew it I was beating him. He couldn’t stand it, he suddenly stood up and started pacing back and forth. I started to think, “I don’t think this kid has ever lost before”.

Can’t remember if we even finished the game, but I remember that moment very well.

There was also my Boss at work, who literally played Chess Against Himself, because he couldn’t find anyone that could match him.

At some point later in life I joined my Brother up North, after 5 or 6 or 7 years since we had lived near one another.

The two of us were on a walk in the rain, chatting, reconnecting, as we were literally closer than Twins when we were kids. We were, and had always been, the best of friends.

We ended up going into this cool little Coffee House that had Wooden Chess Boards and Pieces that you could use whilst conversing, and drinking something hot.

Now my Brother had played a lot of this game Magic the Gathering, and had become quite good at it. In fact he told me that some, or a, mathematician had designed it. Well anytime I sat down to play it with him, I’d beat him, and he’d be stunned because, like I say, he’d played a lot, and had become quite good. But once I’d beat him, he’d raise to the occasion, as one often does when actually challenged, and beat me.

Back to the coffee house. So there we were, sippen on some warm brew, and we pulled out that Chess Game. I didn’t really give it much thought, as I hadn’t really played him since I was a kid, and I always beat him.

Today that would not be the case… And when I say that, I can’t actually tell you who won that particular game, but what I can tell you was, we were absolutely perfectly matched. It’s as if the wisdom he had acquired over the years being a Father, which I’m not, had taken him to a different place, on the inside.

The First Perfectly Matched Chess Game I had ever experienced. I was 31 at the time. And isn’t it perfect that it’s my Brother, who I had been so, so close to as a youth.

But, my Brother has a huge, and busy life, several miles North of here… And I simply hardly see him, and thus he is not able to be this One Chess Player that I get together and Chat about the Universe with.

It’s times like that this that I miss my Truest Friends, whether we are still Friends, or not. I miss my Greatest Lovers, I’ve only had a few, but with each of them, I have had the Deepest Connections in one Form or another.

And I long for that Chess Player, who will meet with me whenever the Occasion Arises, and match me Whit for Whit. Soul to Soul.




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4 Responses to “Chess Vs. Yourself”

  1. I know the fundamentals of chess, but i´m not good at it, i believe it is a very hard game to master and a game that you can play pretty much til the day you die.
    Thx for sharing!

    • You’re right in that it’s something that you can play forever. I myself have only gotten so good, as I just don’t play that much. By nature, I have a very good Defensive Game, which drives a lot of players crazy, because many players seem to want to win quickly.

      The hardest part for me is finding someone that wants to play for the sake of playing, and for the sake of the conversations that can occur during a game. I’ve barely ever had a good game in my life, thus I hardly play. But I do love Chess, and Connecting with people on a Different Plane.

      Thanks for the Comment Aros


  2. Jay Caniel Says:

    Life is like a big chess game. As we live we find different pieces and we play it like a hand delt in a card game. I have discovered that everything is given to you for a reason. The difference is if we choose to use it or not.

    • Interesting, I will agree that Life is definitely like a Card Game… What we are dealt, and how we deal with it. But like you say, it is also like Chess, in that you are Choosing to play, and are selective about what Pieces you use, or don’t use. In which case, as in Life, Patience is truly a Virtue.

      And in choosing to have Certain People in your Life, and other Certain People not in your life, you have an opportunity to Broaden your own Conscious, and Subconscious Mind. Heart… And Spirit.

      Thanks for the Comment Jay


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