Dark Rider – Moving On… Rodomor

Despite how most Stories are told, not all Elves live in trees. In the far Village in Rodomor, lays the quaint home of Largoth. And though he is not a rich man, his family lives a peaceful life without much ever amiss. As Largoth likes it.

“Look Father, I’ve become Masterful with the the bow…” tugged Largoth’s youngest son, Alaynon.

“Come at me Father, I shall topple you!” ranted his oldest boy, Fleenon.

Often the Dark Rider has believed that the life of a Mercenary, always on the road, is somewhat safer for Largoth than being home with his two boys.

Dark Rider watched as Largoth had successfully disarmed both of his boys, and was holding them down, both unable to escape.

“I’m not impressed boys… If you really want me to come home more often, you’d best give me a bit more of a challenge when I arrive!” he gested.

The Dark Rider often looked the direction of the Road leading into the village, wondering when his Party might arrive.

At long last the boys escaped Largoth, and Alaynon called out to the Dark Rider.

“Uncle Dark, care for a wrestle?!”. The Dark Rider looked over and smiled slightly, then back to the road. Largoth seeing his friend lost in thought, motioned for the boys to go inside. “Go help your Mother with Supper” he told them. He then approached the Dark Rider.

“They’ll be here soon… It would take more than a mere Arrow Shaft to take down the likes of Iloh…”.

“Hmmpf” Dark Rider grunted in reply.

It was the next day when Elsya and Ems finally arrived, but there was no sign of Iloh nor Ukorian.

“Greetings Dark Rider… Largoth” Elsya spoke as she approached them in the stables, where Largoth and he had been discussing Horses.

“Iloh? Ukorian?” spoke Dark Rider. Em’s then stepped forward.

“Iloh healed well enough, and the two of them went on their own way… Iloh said you’d understand” spoke Em’s.

“Hmmpf” replied Dark Rider, as he headed towards the warmth of Largoth’s home, nodding at Elsya as he passed.

“Come, lets get you some hot stew, and set yee in front of the fire, old friends… Tell me of your Journey” Largoth expressed warmly, as he tossed each of his arms around the two of them, and showed them into the house.

Inside the Dark Rider sat in front of the Fire, staring deep into it’s embers.

Elsya approached, and sat beside him. He nodded at her once more.

“Did you love her…” she bluntly asked. With this he looked at her.

“Hardly time for love in this world…” he spoke in a hardened tone.

“I know of your lost love…” she continued. He looked at her “That was a long time ago…” he spat.

“Oh… Not so long” she stood, and walked towards the others. At first he grumbled more “Hmmpf”… Than found his eyes wonder over to her, only to meet her gazing right back… Deeply. With this her Eyes went from a Light Blue White, to a Deep Lavender. Inside of him, something shifted, and part of his pain took flight, and lessened.





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  1. when will the next installment be posted?

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