Lion’s Roar


A Novel

by DarkJade


“Within the heart of all of us, there is a Lion…”

“For each of us… A different Prey… For some it is a Love… For others… A Career… And for some, the will to Stay Alive…”

Jack Shade-

Billy Shade, or rather William Jacob Randolph Shade the Second, stands in the doorway of his ran down rental home in Ness City Kansas. He’s a rather thin young man of twenty six, weighing maybe 165lbs. at best. Which wouldn’t be that bad if he wasn’t also 6’2″ in height. His hair was short and spiky brown, but he’d always wanted to grow it out… And now maybe he would.

Billy, though his friends just call him “Shade”, is wearing some old blue jeans, and your standard one size too big white undershirt. In his hands he holds onto an also thin, cat by the name of Jeremiah. Jeremiah meows at Shade to put him down, but he does not listen… He just keeps stroking him and stroking him. Though don’t let old Jeremiah fool you, he’s also purring away, and is basically in kitty paradise.

Shade’s eyes are a dark steel blue, and he simply gazes outward into the warm Kansas Day, lost in thought.

On the kitchen table behind him is an open envelope, with a letter laid out, read, on it.


Dear William,

I’m sorry to have to tell you that your Father, Bill, has died… This is a difficult time for your six half brother’s and step sister as you might imagine. Old Red Horn and his two brother’s have come back to the Ranch early to manage things well your siblings try to deal with the grief. You don’t know old Red Horn, he is a Native American that helps us run cattle during the season. He and his two brothers have meant a great deal to the “Shade Ranch”. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit, I… I just don’t know what I’m going to do without Bill. And your Step Sister Kate is… Well, lets just say she isn’t herself. Now I know you have been estranged from your Father for a long time, some 22 years now, but that’s only because your Mother Marcy wanted it that way. Bill would have preferred both you and your Older Brother Nicholas to be more involved with the Ranch. Such is life. Now your Brother’s and Sister don’t know that I’m writing you this letter, but what they do know is that your Father left in his Will a note asking that we contact you upon his demise. Sadly there is no mention of Nicholas.

It is of the utmost importance that you make your way to Montana, and the Reading of your Father’s last Will and Testimate. I’m sure it’s nothing, he probably left you a bit of money or something, as the Ranch has done quite well, what with Bill, Red Horn and your Six Brother’s running things. My Oldest Joseph has been a great help to your Father, and is very angry now that he’s gone… Oh well, time will hopefully make it easier for him. Anyway, if you could come right away to Montana, I’ve included a round trip ticket for you, and some money.

Most sincerely, your Step Mom




Chapter One – Lion’s Roar – The Arrival

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