The Dark Globe

Hey guys, I just wanted to Officially let you know about my New Blog, “The Dark Globe“.

I Designed this Third Blog to be a place for Writer’s, Photographer’s etc. to come together, and Blend and Post Material.

I think of this Blog as more of a “News Paper” of a sort, in Theme that is.

There are a bunch of Sections/Page’s on the Site, and as people Write/Post things, I will also Put a Link to their Posts on/in the Appropriate Page.

So far I’ve Invited 7 Writer’s, and 2 Photographer’s to be involved in the Site, and so far I’ve heard back from 3 Writer’s and the 1 Photographer that would like to Post. The 2nd Photographer might do some Instructional Post’s at a later date, once her schedule is freed up. The other 4 Writer’s I haven’t heard from yet, I’m sure I will either way at some point.

The Current Sections are as Follow’s;

  1. Film, Book and Television Reviews – An Area that I simply haven’t had time for lately on The Written Word, and I hope to find some people  interested in Writing Reviews. I love Writing them myself, Film in my case, but I’ve just been too busy lately to get to them. I have a hand full on The Written Word, but hope to continue them on The Dark Globe, and attach the Links in my Section on this Site as well. I’ve never reviewed a Book, as I’m not much of a Reader, sadly. But would love for some Writer’s to Write some on The Dark Globe.
  2. Earthling’s Speak – Editorials – I have found that I love, love, love Writing Editorial’s as well as my Creative Writing. This Section gives me an Opportunity to Write Editorial’s, which I sometimes do on The Written Word.
  3. My World News – This Section/Topic gives Writer’s an Opportunity to Write about either their Personal Lives, or their Life being a Writer. I’m hoping many of the Site’s Writer’s, as well as myself, contributes to this Section, as I find it very enjoyable to Read that kind of Piece, as well as Writing a Piece like this. The Title “My World News” basically refers to the Writer’s Personal World. I haven’t decided if I want to keep that Title, and am completely open to suggestions for it.
  4. Music – Scene, Taste, Opinion – During my time here on WordPress, I have heard many Writer’s talk about their love of Music, or Specific Bands. Either in a Piece on their Blog, or in the Forums as it were. This Section is somewhere where Writer’s can Write about either Music they Like, or their Opinions about Certain Music, or The Music Scene, such as a Show They Saw. I’m really excited about this Section, and am hoping that some Writer’s Write some Piece’s for it.
  5. Technology – It’s Unavoidable – This is a Section that I doubt I will Contribute much to, mainly as I’m not really a “Techy”, even though I embrace, enjoy and comprehend it pretty well. I will need to find a, or several Writer’s to Post Piece’s for this Section.
  6. Short Story – Novel Tid Bits – This is an Area on the Blog for Writer’s to Write a Short Story, or Post One that they’ve Written/Posted somewhere else, or perhaps Post a Chapter, or a few Page’s of a Novel They’ve either Written, or are in the Process of Writing.
  7. Photo’s or Painting’s – Pretty Self Explanatory, somewhere for our Photographer’s, Painter’s etc. to have their stuff. Like I say, after a Writer or Photographer etc. Posts their Post, I will Link it in/on the Appropriate Page. Older Work is also Welcomed.
  8. Health or Diet – Self Explanatory.
  9. Writing – The Craft – Once again, during my time here on WordPress, I have come across many, many Article’s about The Craft of Writing. From Technique, to Opinion. I’m hoping to get some Interesting Stuff Written for this Section from our Writer’s.
  10. Finance – Economy – Self Explanatory. Doesn’t sound too interesting to some maybe, I think there’s a lot know, and learn here. Also, I’m curious how Countries Economy’s are Effecting people’s Personl Economy’s all around the World.
  11. Deep Impact – Friends, Lovers & More – This was Originally meant to be a Single Post I was Writing today, but then I realized very quickly, it took me 1,300 words just to cover One Person that has Impacted My Life. Thus, I’ve decided to make a Series out of it, and also Welcome any of our Writer’s to Partake in the Series.

Once Again I’m not Advertising this Post in the Forum’s, I just wanted to let you my Readers/Subscribers, as well as any others that happen to Read it, about The Dark Globe. The only way that I see this impacting The Written Word really, is perhaps the Film Reviews, which will Originally be Posted on The Dark Globe now, but will still be Linked on my Movie Reviews – Favorite Films Section. Other than that, my Editorials may shift to The Dark Globe a bit, but there is more likely going to be even More Posts of New Creative Writing Here, such as my New Novel Project “Lion’s Roar”.

Thank you again for all of your Support, and I hope to see you over on The Dark Globe, as well as The Written Word. And of course those that have also checked out the One Knight Site. I thank you all.


2 Responses to “The Dark Globe”

  1. This is a great idea, and i like the name you came up with!

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