Lion’s Roar (Chapter One) – The Arrival

“Lion’s Roar”
A Novel
by DarkJade
CHAPTER ONE – The Arrival;
The flight to Montana was long… Shade had left his cat Jerimiah with a young girl at a neighbors house… At least then he figured he’d get the love he deserved, and had grown accustomed to.
Supposedly one of his Half Brother’s, Toran, was going to pick Shade up outside the Airport Luggage Dock.
Right on time, in an old ran down red dodge truck.
The ride to the Ranch was awkward at best, as Toran didn’t say a word to Shade. Well… He did say “one” word.
“Yup” it wasn’t much, but Shade took what he could get.
When they finally reached the beginnings of what was his Father’s Ranch, Shade could hardly believe what he was seeing. Acres, upon acres, upon acres.
And the live stock was amazingly abundant.
All his Father’s.
Martha was right… Old Bill Jacob Wilcox Shade Senior had done quite well.
As they passed underneath the great “Shade Ranch” sign that hung over the old dirt road leading to the enormous Ranch, the stables all about them were full with the most beautiful horse’s one could ever imagine.
On horseback, glaring in the direction of the pick up as it arrives, were two more of Shade’s Half Brothers’s. 
First there was Palmer, a handsome young man of twenty four, yet rugged from his work. Palmer has medium length dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. He’s a bit of a cocky one.
With him was Kedrick. Kedrick didn’t pay the pick up much mind. He also has medium length hair, but his is brown, with brown eyes, with a medium build.
The truck arrives at the large Ranch House where Martha, a rugged looking woman, stands waiting.
As soon as the truck comes to a complete stop, Toran is quick to jump right out, and get back to work on the Ranch. 
“I’m sorry about the boys William… I couldn’t get any of them to be here to greet you…”
Shade simply nodded, and grabbed his army green sack that held the little clothes he had brought with.
Martha lead Shade into the house, and as  they stepped in, Kate, Shades Step Sister, came down the stairs. Unlike Martha’s Boys, Kate had a different Father, and so wasn’t blood related to Shade.
Kate’s hair is such a dark brown, that some say it looks of black. Her eyes are a bright, light green in color, and are simply stunning. Her skin is soft, fare and rosey, and her visage… Well, you get the point.
“Kate, this is your step brother, Shade…”. Kate simply sits there staring, in shock.
“Oh” she’s able to get out.
“Howdy…” Shade politely speaks as Martha leads him to his room downstairs, leaving Kate behind simply staring in disbelief.
“You’ll be staying in one of the downstairs rooms, I hope that’s alright…”
“Yes Mam… Sure is… Don’t go to too much trouble for me, i’ll be out of your hair in no time”. With this Martha turns, and looks at him.
“No rush…” she replies.
The two of them then enter a very comfortable guest room.
“Well I’ll leave you to it” speaks Martha as she turns to go, but stops right before him, and looks at him.
“My how you do have the look of your Father…”. She then moves again.
“Supper’s at 6, but you’ll hear the bell uh ringing for that…” and she’s gone.
Shade tosses his bag onto the bed, and then sits on it.
“Well… This oughta be interesting”.

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