Dark Rider – Heroes Calling

An unexpected guest, bringing unsettling news arrived in the simple village of Rodomor that morning… And the home of Largoth.

Her name was Sunsya… And she had come from Rendolyn, and the Rendolyn Elves… Elsya’s home, and the Dark Rider’s Allies.

She entered the village in a storm, riding her transformed mate, Englia… Who was in his form of a Great Tiger.

As Sunsya dismounted in front of Largoth’s home, she was quickly greeted by Elsya…

“Elsya you must come!!” she demanded.

“What is it Sunsya?” Elsya questioned.

By this time The Dark Rider, Largoth and Em’s had also come outside.

Sunsya was about to tell Elsya, when she saw the others approach.

“They are to be trusted Sunsya… Please, tell me what’s happened…”

And so she continued “There is an unrest to the North… Several Dark Warriors have been summoned, as well as a Sorcerer, to lay siege on King Wogtay’s Castle…” she explained.

“King Wogtay??” Elsya exclaimed.

“Leader of the Northern Realms…” interjected Dark Rider.

“Aye…” Sunsya replied. “We must quickly to our Representative Party, that heads there now… It seems King Wogtay has summoned some of our Worlds Greatest Heroes to defend his Castle, from this Dark Crusade”. “We’re hoping that we the Rendolyn’s can sway him into a Peaceful Resolution, as this Hero Hunt could end in an all out War…”.

“Let us go…” Elsya spoke, as she then took her Owl Form. And they were off.

Suddenly Largoth went inside, and came back out with Gear in his arms.

“What are yah doin lad” spoke Em’s.

“I’m not just going to sit here well others protect the Northern Realms… What happens if they succeed, then it will be the West… Then the East… And finally, here in the South… No, I shall not tally”. With this he prepared his horse.

Suddenly his two son’s came out with Gear as well, as if to join their Father.

“NO!” Largoth stopped them in their tracks. “I need the two of you here, protecting Rodomor, your Mother, and our Home”.

“Yes Father…” they sadly replied, and brought their gear back into the house.

Largoth then mounted, and road beside The Dark Rider, who seemed lost in thought.

“Come Brother… We must defend our World…” he spoke softly to Dark Rider.

“I am no Hero… Surely you know that…” replied The Dark Rider.

“You are more than you know… Heroes at best can be Cocky, and it would be good to have your Good Sense about to keep them inline…” explained Largoth.

“Aye” replied The Dark Rider “But I do this for you… Not some Fool Hearty King”. And so The Dark Rider grabbed his gear, and went to his Steed Tribune… He patted it on the side of it’s face “Are yah ready for some action ol boy…” and mounted. He then looked over at Em’s who was baffled.

“Are yah comen or not Em’s” spoke Dark Rider. Of course, this wasn’t really a question.

“Uhhh… Yeah… Of course Dark Rider… Right O” with this Em’s grabbed his gear, and mounted as well. And so they were off.





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