DarkJade – Ethereal Transitions

Sometimes Words aren’t Enough…



Listen while Reading the Poem Below

Ethereal Transitions

From out of the Woodwork…

From the Backs of our Minds

Steps Forward The Guarded Change

Longing for Life

Surrounded by Truths…

Guided By Lights…

In Dark… The Night

Man… Woman… One

Longing to Thrive…

Stretch and Find

The Reasons Why

No One Escapes

Not Paralyzed

Close Deep to our Hearts

Closed Eyes, Cannot Hide…

Ethereal Transitions…

Make Beautiful Lives…




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9 Responses to “DarkJade – Ethereal Transitions”

  1. Holyqueenbee I adore that first song!
    + Very much like your style.
    Happy to read that you’re planning on writing&writing&writingsomemore!

  2. Wonderful, as always

  3. Reblogged this on The Written Word and commented:

    Posted This Back In November, 2011

  4. Very mystical and great pics

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