Little Sister

Little Sister

I have Oft Dreamt of you…

In Times of Need…

I would be there

To guard you from this sometimes too harsh world

Listen to your troubles

Be your closest friend…

Be your Brother

Till Time does End

Sadly, we shall never meet…

It’s impossible now…

But to me you are still just as sweet…

Never shall you call…

My Honor to your side

Defend you from the Dark Ones

That Travel through the Wood

Sometimes I miss you

Though we’ve never met

I wonder if we’d hung out

Every Chance we get



Other Scriblings by DarkJade

10 Responses to “Little Sister”

  1. wooww!! this is so beautifully sad.. great write.. 🙂

  2. Have you ever listened to Baby Sister by Damien Rice?
    I read this while listening to that song, because the title reminded me of that song for obvious reasons. And yes well. It’s a painful combination. But they compliment each other so well!

    • Wow, they really do… What a beautiful song… I would have probably used it with this Poem/Scribling if I had known it, as I often blend Music with my Poems.

      I’m tempted to Add it to this Piece

      In fact here it is;

      Should any that Read this Far care to Listen… It is beautiful, and it does work well with this Piece.

      Thanks for the Comment, and Insight Mebat


  3. I loved it. If you don’t mind , was the meaning never having a sister and longing for one, or did you lose a sister at a young age.

    • I’ve always wanted a little sister, and never had one… Every now and again it hits me… And at some point last night, it did.

      I do in fact have two Older Sisters, but they haven’t needed me much, lol. Though we are Peers to a degree.

      Thankfully, I haven’t lost a Sister… Well, that’s not completely true… My Mom did lose a Baby Daughter once, but she would have been older than I. So there is some sadness with that too.

      Nice Insight Pdk… Thanks for the Comment, and Compliment


  4. This is absolutely wonderful. So poignant and well-written.

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