Captain Fire 197 – Trauma at Cliqo 1

As we neared the Zoton Sytem, and Cliqo 1, I began to feel more and more sick… Knowing that I was that close to the Species that had single handedly wiped out my Home Planet of Ona… Was… Well… Unnerving.

As I sat there feeling sorry for myself, that’s when Tamaron came in.

“Hello Nisho…” he spoke with his wide innocent brown eyes.

I was sweating, but joined him on the couch anyway.

“Hello Tamaron…”

“How are you?” he asked. And then it hit me, I wonder if Jenna had asked him to watch over me, it would be just like her to try and protect me.

“I’m okay…” I responded most unconvincingly. “Well, if you need anything, just let me know…” he replied.

Tamaron was a very Special Boy… Or… Young man I guess. Before, I was the Innocent Bright Eyed one on the ship, but I was slowly suspecting that he was now filling that role.

Which leaves me where? At least that was something.

“I’m just feeling a bit under the weather… ” with this I stood, and suddenly colapsed to my knees. “Umff”.

“Are you alright Nisho!?!” Tamaron was right there on the floor with me, for some reason I had seemed to lose most of my strength, and the sweating was getting worse.

Tamaron took me to Jenna, where she looked me over.

“All of your results turned out good, I suspect that you are merely under a great deal of Duress… And why wouldn’t you be, being this close to… Well… You know”.

“I’m okay, I can go back to my room” I tried to stand, then colapsed again. Jenna quickly helped me back to the examining table.

“Woe now… Take it slow… You’re still weak”.

That’s when Jono came in.

“How’s our patient?” he inquired.

“I’m okay” I quickly responded.

“She’s weak, but her tests all came out good… She’s in good health” interjected Jenna.

“Be that as it may, I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to take you with us to Cliqo 1’s Moon…”.

“WHAT! NO!” I suddenly uncontrollably started to yell, stood, and fell to the floor once more. This time it was Jono that picked me up, meanwhile Tamaron sat quietly and watched.

“Hey now, it’s alright… It’s for the best… You’ve obviously got something going on, and we need our Team to be 100% down there…” Jono put his hand on my shoulder once more. “You just get better…” with this he left.

My hair once again started to turn black, as I broke into a quiet sob.

How pathetic…

Jenna seeing I was upset, approached Tamaron.

“Lets give her some space…” and the two of them left.

Maybe there is something wrong with me… In the head… What a loser, I’ve totally failed our Team.

No matter what Jono said, I had to figure out a way to get on that shuttle…



PHOTO CREDIT – White Haired Anime Girl



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