Christmas Without You

The Holidays are Rapidly approaching, and I have all sorts of Emotions going on…

Yes, I love Christmas, and Thanks Giving, and the Holidays in general… The Family, the Friends, the Loved One’s…

The Food, the Lights, the Weather, the Fire in the Fireplace…

The Music… The Spirit… The Warmth of the Season

Maybe I’m just Lucky/Fortunate, in that my family is very, very close.

Granted, I only see a few of my Family Members on a Regular Basis… But when we’re together, we are all very Close, and Warm towards one another.

My Brother has his two Boys, and his Wife… My Oldest Sister has her Husband, and her Dog… My Second Sister, both are Older than me, tends to be seeing, or with different people each year… Be it a Boyfriend, or just a Friend… She usually brings someone along.

For me, the last Four Holiday Seasons have been Bliss… Not only have I had my Family, and all that the Holidays mean to me, but I also had the Woman/Girl that I was in love with.

Sadly, we parted  a ways back in June of this year, something I didn’t want to happen, and am still trying to digest… It’s not easy.

It didn’t end badly, it just ended. It was called a Break, but I never suspected that actually was. But we did Love one another, so I suspect, neither of us could get the words “Break Up” out… And truth be known, we may never be able to say those words.

But either way, we are no longer together. And I am definitely sad about it.

Are Holidays have been very special together… We’ve Cooked Together, We’ve Decorated Together, I even think I got her to sit through “It’s A Wonderful Life” with me, which I try to watch every year… It’s one of my Favorite Films, and makes me cry everytime.

She probably thought I was silly, but she tolerated it, because she loved me.

Yes, this will probably be one of the most difficult Holiday Seasons I’ve ever had… Coming off Four prior Holidays Seasons of Sheer Bliss.

I will say this… Appreciate Every Person you have in your life that means anything to you… Because you never know when they might not be around, in one way or another.

Love them well, and have a Happy Holiday…


4 Responses to “Christmas Without You”

  1. I agree with your last paragraph. This is my third Christmas with my boyfriend and I appreciate him more than ever. A lot has happened this year and he’s stuck with me through it and I always always want him to know how much I appreciate it.
    This year I’m spending Christmas with his family because my own (in this country… my mum in australia is lovely) is rubbish.

  2. Totally understand your feelings. Last Christmas was very difficult for me but this Christmas will be so totally different, I can’t even comprehend the full impact yet.

    Why I shared the above link is this: For many different reasons in life we experience dark days and times we’d rather not go through, but we move on if we allow ourselves the feel the pain we do feel. Then we can heal and look towards brighter days.

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