Son of Ferris – The Films of John Hughes

Let me start by saying, John Hughes is one of my Favorite All Time Directors… As a Teenager in the 80’s, he saw into our Teen World, better than any Other… I was very sad to hear that he had passed away at the young age of 59, in 2009.

Sad and Surprised.

As far as I knew, he lived a very Private, fairly Secluded life with his Family. And I don’t blame him. Being a very Shy Kid Growing up, I always thought it was a bit Ironic that my First Dream was to be a Professional Baseball Pitcher (Talk about Pressure, and being in the Middle of it all), and then a Film Director. Granted, generally a Film Director doesn’t have to worry as much about their Privacy as, say, an Actor. But none the less, it was a hell of an Industry to be considering, considering my Passionate Desire for Privacy. I suppose it was/is my Passionate Desire to Tell Stories that even made me consider it.

Now that my Main Focus is Writing, I suppose Privacy will be even less of an issue.

Truth be known, putting someone like John Hughes into words, doesn’t really cut it for me. I Identified with the Ferris Bueller Character to the umph degree. I was even called Ferris by a Friend that I used to work with, because I’d often show up late for work, and leave early… But still put up better Sales Numbers than him. And never got in trouble for it.

I think the best way to discuss John Hughes, is by Example… And so Here we go

Vacation (1983) – Written by

I actually saw that in the Theater with the Los Angeles Raiders Defensive Line, lol. Yes they used to be in L.A. for a bit, then back to Oakland. The Bus just pulled up outside the theater, and they went in. Sadly, they didn’t sit together, there were just these huge guys all over the theater, lol.

Sixteen Candles (1984) – Written and Directed by

Anthony Michael Hall pretty much Stole the Show in that Film… But the whole thing was hilarious.

The Breakfast Club (1985) – Written and Directed by

Talk about a Film for a Generation… I can’t tell you how close this resembled my High School Life.

Of course, as funny as this Film was, Hughes secretly slipped Depth into the Film.

Weird Science (1985) – Written and Directed by

Not much more to say about that Film, lol

Pretty In Pink (1986) –  Written by

Yes John Cryer pretty much made this movie… Forget the rest, see it for him.

But for the Sentimental one’s, I’ll let O.M.D cover it it

Ferris Bueller’s Day  Off (1986) – Written and Directed by

Supposedly in that Scene, the streets behind them were empty when they started Filming, but by the end, it was Packed

The Famous Chase Scene…

Once Again John Hughes sneaks in a bit of Depth, with the Museum Scene

Uncle Buck (1989) – Written and Directed by


If you haven’t seen Uncle Buck, see it. Hit’s Heart Felt, and Hilarious.

Home Alone (1990) – Written by

Thanks for Reading/Listening

And Remember…

And for those of you who never stuck around for the Credits





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2 Responses to “Son of Ferris – The Films of John Hughes”

  1. I really love Hughes movies. They don´t seem to make movies like they did in the 80s anymore. Breakfast club is one of my all time favorite movies.

    • It’s a difficult time for the Industry right to be for sure… Not only are a lot of the Films lacking that certain something, but much less people go to the Actual Theaters, as they first shifted to Block Buster (or Video Stores in General), and then to Netflix (Who recently obliterated a lot of their own business by getting greedy), and now Live Streaming from your Computer… Which will be much, much bigger once you’re able to Stream from the Internet to your Television, which will be here very soon.

      I miss going to the Movies, but like you say, there aren’t as many good Films out there right now

      Thanks for the Comment


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