As I sit here, Legs Crossed, Head Down

Dragging my Fingers across these Grey Sands of Time Gone by…

I think of the Many You

Your Long Red Hair…

Your Green, now Brown Eyes

A Cool Warm Breeze crosses my Brow

Around me are the many Stars of Hope

Each Gazing… Each Watching

Only they know the Wearing of my Heart

I was only a young child when I first sought you out

You walked me to the Nurse when I felt ill…

You hunted me down, and I let you catch me

I watched you play… I watched you grow, and change

But each day my Heart Longed for something more…

That Kiss Goodnight… That Long, Deep Look

The Parting of your Red Lips

The Warmth of Your Touch, and Meaningful Breath

And Yet you eluded me

And I grew… And changed

You nearly Harmed Me, but I moved away

You tried to Scar me, I would not Stay

In the Middle of the Night, it’s you that touched my hair

Spoke my name

Made me well… And Calm… And Home

I Long to Hold you once again…

Instead I sit here… Legs Crossed…

Head Down…

Fingers in the Sand

With only Shadows of you… And you… And you




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4 Responses to “Shadows”

  1. It’s really deep.I can feel the loneliness

  2. Do you realise how good this is?!

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