The Purple Pill

The Purple Pill

I Tire of these Mortal Games…

Realities got me Down

This Man that Waits, wont go Away

He Beckons, and he Calls…

Don’t go out there, I Beg, I Plea…

All Once Yours, Will be Lost…

Your Reign of Terror, Your Great Contol…

Your Pain will be your Boss

He Seems so Pure… So Kind… So True…

Whenst First you do Come Through…

He’ll Kick Your A$$, He’ll Make you Pay

All This I know he’ll Do


Why Choose Red, or Blue, When Purple Connects the Two…




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5 Responses to “The Purple Pill”

  1. Your writing always really intruiges me, and this was no exception. I’ve always thought the way you use capitalisation is really interesting- it’s almost Germanic in the way you arrange sentences and words. I really love it 🙂

    • It’s funny that you mention that, I’m currently having someone read my First 14 Poems, as I’m considering Self Publishing them… And I also Asked one other Person if they’d read over them… And the first thing I told each of them was “I know I Capitalize a lot of words that don’t need to be, it’s a Style Thing”, lol.

      In some of my Earlier Posts I used “…” a lot after sentences, and had a few people mention it… Once again, a Style thing… But, I have reduced it, as I felt it was distracting from the Words.

      The Capitalizing Thing I’ve been more resistant to change, or mess with…

      In Truth, it’s Pure Instinct when I do it, and to a degree, I don’t like messing with something as Raw as Instinct.

      Thanks for the Comment, and Compliment Anna


      • I’m glad you took it as a compliment because I meant it as one! You can definitely see that it is a style thing and in poetry especially it’s very effective. My English teacher at school used to tell me I used far too many dashes and ever since then I’ve always been really concious of over-using them. So it’s really cool you are just sticking to your instincts! It makes the writing more free. And the best of luck with your self-publishing endeavour 🙂

        • Yeah, the “…” thing had to do with the “Freedom” of the Pieces… Allowing them to Breathe. And like you, I reduced it. Also, in all honesty, I’m not all that “Hip” on Periods, lol… Sometimes when Writing, they Feel Like a Wall BAM! I find it very Obstructive sometimes… In School, I always did very well in Math, and Creative Writing… Grammar, not so much, lol. But I do subscribe that Reading is the best way to learn Grammar, and sadly, I’ve never been much of a Reader, lol. But always a Writer.

          I guess, perhaps, part of the reason I Capitalize Certain Words is emphasis, but part of it is also to Lift The Words from the Page, and Give Them More Life… lol

          Thank you for your Kind Words, and I’ll let you know how the Self Publishing thing goes


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