Dark Rider – The Northern Realms

After some 5 or 6 days of traveling, Dark Rider, Largoth and Ems finally reach the Southern Outpost of the Northern Realms…

And the lands of King Wogtay.

It was marked so by a great tower, as well as the Men sent forth to greet them…

And perhaps grant them access to the lands beyond.

“Yo there!!” one of the Horsed Guards did yell as a total of three approached.

“Greetings!” Largoth responded.

Dark Rider was despondent as he liked not the Tyrant King Wotgay… Nor any Kings.

“What business have you in the Northern Realms…” the Guard inquired.

“We’ve come to offer our services to King Wogtay, and his Defending Army, against the Encroaching Threat from the North East…” replied Largoth.

“Ahh… I see… So you favor yourselves Heroes, do yah…” the Guard spoke most disrespectfully.

“HaHa!!” with this the three Guards had a hearty laugh.

“Argh, lets get out of here, we’re no Heroes…” speaks Ems under his breath.

Dark Rider seeing Ems growing sour countenance, suddenly dismounts, and stands before the three Guards.

“And who be you… Dark Rider…” the Main Guard says to Dark Rider with a scowl upon his brow.

“Why yes…” Dark Rider says, and then suddenly claps his two hands together with an unruly “CLACKK!!”.

With this all three of the Guards Horses suddenly stand on their hind legs, tossling the Guards to the ground.

“ARRGHHHH!!” they yell as they fall.

“I am indeed Dark Rider…” Dark Rider than steps forward and brings the Main Guard to his feet by his collar in one quick movement.

“Best you respect me and my companions if ever you lay gaze upon us again” he speaks.

“Uh… Er… Yes Mr… Er Dark Rider… Er… Sir” the Lead Guard squirmly replies, while helping the other two Guards up.

With this the Dark Rider turns back towards Largoth and Ems who are in shock, and gives them both a smirk and a wink as he remounts Tribune.

This brings great spirit to Largoth and Ems hearts, who are otherwise quite tired from the long journey.

“Let us be on our way then…” speaks Dark Rider, and the three of them simply ride right past the Guard, who are dusting their selves off, and make their way back to the Tower.




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Part XVI – Dark Rider – Winter Come

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