Once Wed

Once Wed

Were you too Young… Perhaps

Were we in Love… Oh I think so

Did you Fear Your Mother…


Do I regret it…

Not a chance

As you have moved on, and have done your best to Black Mop our very Loves Existence, I forgive you…

Would I Marry again…


And when I did Indeed Find the one that I would have Married, perhaps I waited too long to ask…

For now she’s gone

Was it Fear because of the Outcome of the First…

Partially Perhaps

Was it the Fear that our Unresolved Issues would bury us at some point


But it does not change the fact, and this is something that I always told you, and that is… You are Marriable

When you’ve Married someone in but one year of meeting them, and it lasted but a year, though the love was strong, it leaves you a bit more hesitant the second time…

And so Wisdom superseded my ever Prevailing Romanticism

It’s for the best

Not because now I’ve lost you, no

Because if you’re not Ready, you’re not Ready

And the most Important of Things to me, Something that I Live by, and bare as my Solace, and Instrument of Choice…


Without it, I am lost… And so I Apply it in my Everyday Workings… And Demand it, or at least Request it, from those that I give my Heart

No, I don’t Demand anything from Anyone… What would be the Point

Wouldn’t Demanding, and thus Force Altering, but Bend and Skew the Truth

I think so

And so I say this… Perhaps None will Listen… But in the end, The Truth has Prevailed

Love did indeed Conquer All...

Or in my case… Perhaps… Topple All

Yes I’d Marry Again

Am I in Love with Being in Love?

Perchance… But that Holds no Baring on what Shall Dictate My Future Actions…

Truth Shall Be My Guide

Even in a Love Filled Sky…

I shall Still See




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5 Responses to “Once Wed”

  1. I just hate romantic love.
    The only thing I like about love is its art.
    Writings like these remind me of that.

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