The Mind Chronicles – Volume One


The Mercenary;


They call him “The Mind”…

Or maybe it was he that first called himself The Mind… Who knows, and Who Cares… But some how it stuck.

He simply appeared one day in the middle of the Police Provence of what used to be called New York City.

Now it’s just N-One.

The Stranger Arrived in the middle of what was called “The Spangor Epidemic”… Just another side affect from an otherwise Dead World.

Or at least… Nearly dead.

In One Months time this latest Plague wiped out some 100,000 people, out of the only 300,000 that were left on the planet, after 2039’s “Great Collision” occurrence… But I don’t like to talk about that.

What’s done, is done… And we the remaining few must simply accept the fact, that we walk the thin brink that is Total Extinction.

It’s just as well… I hear we pretty much Fu@#@’d things up in the 20th Century, and the 21st Century had basically become the “Time of Waiting” for us to end in one fashion or another.

The Great Collision was as good a way as any other I suppose.

And so now there are only some 200,000 Survivors left, and when I say Survivors, I’m not counting the some 500,000 or so Mutants that now make there away upon this Earth of ours… They’ve counted in the upwards of 7 different Breeds… Each Scarier than the next.

But I don’t like to talk about that neither… More of them, than there are us, for gods sake.

Anyway… Back to “The Mind”.

His Born Name is Abraham Bendo… All we know about him is he was some great intellect from the 21st Century… And now some how he is here… And unaged since his last siting some 53 years ago.

And now he prefers to be called “The Mind”.

The First Thing The Mind did upon his Arrival to N-One, perhaps as a showing of good faith, or at least a means of distracting them from the fact that he basically arrived in a flash of blue and red light, inside of some sort of mechanical machine…

Was to give them the Cure to the Spangor Plague…

Yes, he was very smart.

And in return all that he asked for was Farbanks Alaska…

Yes, the whole Province.

I guess Solitude is his thing… As even the Mutants don’t go as far North West as Alaska.

And so The Mind had single handedly put a stop to the Epidemic that was finishing off the remains of the Human Race…

As if Nature hadn’t made it Quite Clear that it was time for the Species of Man to go.

But no, The Mind had bought us some more time.

But where are my manners, I haven’t introduced myself… I am Jarod Black… Lowly Mercenary by trade.

Yes my Family and Friends had died a long time ago… In one of those Constantly Moving Paraflex Storms that still rape our lands from time to time…

That’s right, no Family, no Friends, no Loyalties whatsoever.

NoIn my estimate of things, it just doesn’t make much sense to pursue frienships anymore… The emotional risk is great, and the rewards are scarce.

As it is, you rarely see the same person twice on this otherwise charred Globe.

And what does all of this have to do with me you might ask?

Well lets just say, I have a few questions for ol Mr. Mind…

And so I set off on my Journey from S-One, which used to be Seattle Washington, to make my way through the Scorched and Desolate Forests of Canada 6. Yup, you guessed it, used to be called plain ol Canada. But now it is one of only 6 Major Provinces that actually have any sort of Life. Yes it’s China 1, England 2, Afgan 3, Africa 4, US 5 and Canada 6.

Australia and South America simpy didn’t make it… At all. Gotta be able to breathe under water to visit those two Provinces.

So yup, just me and my Mechanical White Horse, Johnny Carson, headen through the Wretched Forests of Canada 6.

Johnny Carson you ask? Yeah, well, I guess he was some sort of US Ambassador of Social Grace back in the 20th Century… Sounded like a good name for my Mechanical Horse, ha.

But I just call him Johnny.




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2 Responses to “The Mind Chronicles – Volume One”

  1. I love how many stories you can have going on at the same time, and this new addition looks to be really interesting! I shall look forward to reading more.

    • Have you read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”? I haven’t read it, I’ve heard of it for quite some time, and watched the Movie last night, which was actually just the First Part of the Book I guess…

      Fascinating stuff… Made me think of you, as it… Well, better you read then have me try to explain it, lol

      It is also a Dystopian Tale.

      Yeah, I’ve got a lot of Stories going on in my head, and more seem to make their way in… A couple of them like “Lion’s Roar” and “Sleeper” I haven’t gotten much feedback on, so I’m not sure I’ll continue them… But that’s alright.

      Thanks for the Comment Anna


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