DarkJade – An Evening With Coldplay

It’s Interesting, the first song I ever heard by Coldplay was Yellow, and I didn’t like it… In fact, I thought it was annoying, lol

I was in a Band at the time, and my Lead Guitarist just loved them… Then I heard Clocks, and that was it… I loved them.

I bought like 3 of their Albums, and started to listen to them all the time…

After a few years I admit, I could no longer listen to them… I felt I needed to kind of  be in a Blue or Down mood to want to listen to them, and frankly, I wasn’t that Blue anymore.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are a Great Band, full of Heart, Soul, and Laced Divinely in Raw Melodic Talent…

That said, I was listening to Pandora Tonight, and I came across a Song of theirs called Paradise. I thought to myself, not bad, and then it reminded me how much they meant to me during that 2 or 3 years that I did listen them… And so, I thought I’d share the Joy…

You might go ahead and Turn down the Lights, and maybe even Light Some Candles for some of these… Enjoy

Fix You

I hadn’t seen that Video before, but I’m very familiar with the song… Kind of a Sad Video, but Interesting

What If

Sad Video, Beautiful Song

Paradise (The Song I first heard tonight, hilarious video)


Simply Beautiful… Once Sung this in a Sushi/Karaoke Bar, ha

Speed of Sound

Cool Song

The Scientist

Absolutely Beautiful Song

In My Place

Great Song


One of my First and Favorite Coldplay Songs… Simply Beautiful

I hope you’ve Enjoyed a Little Visit into Coldplay

Thanks for Listening/Reading




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2 Responses to “DarkJade – An Evening With Coldplay”

  1. Great post. But you should’ve had this one in too;

    So amazing.

    I saw them live, but it wasn’t at all what I had expected. 😦
    The sound was bad, I couldn’t see a damn thing – not on stage and not on the screens. And they just didn’t seem so much into it anyways. I heard their shows are spectecular, but this was at a festival. So think they’re just not a real festival band.

    • Ah yes, I did forget that song… I was kind of just purusing through Youtube and putting up one’s I remembered, didn’t even see that one, but I know it, and like it. Well, I basically know at least 3 Albums of theirs… But this is a great song.

      That’s too bad about your Experience, and yeah, sadly, I can see that they wouldn’t be much of a Festival Band… They’re kind of a Clean Bunch of Poets… Or at least the Singer appears to be.

      I think they, or at least he is a Vegetarian, and spends much of his time between shows Meditating etc… That’s cool, but probably doesn’t make them all that routy, which is helpful when you’re at a Festival, as it gets Loud, and Crowded.

      Thanks for the Compliment, and Comment Mebat


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