The Mind Chronicles – Volume Four






Jarod Black, wearing his Night Vision Goggles, and his Single Canon X12 drawn, moves through the darkness of the Canada 6 Forest.

“These Goggles cost me a fortune…” he thinks to himself. “But by god their worth it”.

“If something moves, I’ll see it…”.

“CLICK… HUMM” he heats up his X12 Canon.

“Come on you Mot$#$’r Fu#$’r… I know you’re out here”.

But there isn’t a sound, nor any movement…


Suddenly about 60 or so feet away, two blue glowing eyes can vaguely be seen.

“60 Feet, eh…” he speaks under his breath.

“Now you know I need to get closer to you than that to be accurate with this thing…”.

Jarod locks his gaze on the distant eyes, which have not moved, other than an occasional blink.

As he watches, he slowly reaches for his Plasma Rifle X50-1 from his back. Designed for just such an occasion.

“Now hold still you little Fu$#’r…”.

“Daddy’s goina say goodnight… As it is 36 years past your bedtime…”.

He loads and cocks the Rifle with a–


And that’s when it makes its move…

All seems to slow down as the blue eyed form briskly tears towards Jarod, who’s now lifting the Plasma Rifle, and trying to capture it in the scope…

“CRACK! SNAP! KRICK!” the brittle, dead scorched branches snap  under it’s feet as it effortlessly readies to leap through the air, claws blaring, eyes glaring…

“Come on you son of a bitch!! Lock up!” Jarod speaks louder now.

“SNAP! CRACK!!” the creature is now in the air, it’s hunger for warm blood filled flesh only matched by it’s gruesome yearning to hear Jarod’s Head Rip from his Shoulders…

When… “FWOOMM!!!” the gun goes off, and pieces of the air born Mutant Rip, Tear and Fly Everywhere… All save the greater part of the Torso, which makes impact with Jarod.


“Ugh!!!” Jarod hits the ground as the “Plink Plang, Glop” sounds of the Mutant’s Limbs and other once viable parts disperse, and land all around.

Meanwhile the Creature’s Torso lay there upon Jarod.

“Blech” he exclaims as he shoves it off himself.

Jarod just lays there for a moment, trying to catch his breath.

“Well, that was close…” he then stands, and three Outpost Guards approach.

“Gee boys, thanks for the help…” Jarod says sarcastically.

“The life of a Mercenary is a lonely one friend… Now if you were to sign up with the Canada 6 Corps–” one of the Guards lectures, but is interrupted.

“No thanks…” Jarod puts his Plasma Rifle on his back, and heads back to the Outpost.

“Frankly I don’t like what they’re teaching you…”.

And with this he disappears into the dark.


PICTURE CREDITFantasy Blue Eye Glow



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