Dark Rider – Fool of Thy Self

When The Dark Rider, Ems and Largoth at last arrived at King Wogtay’s Castle, it was quite a sight indeed… Set high upon the mountainside, as to help waylay Ground Attacks…

Dragon Attacks would be a different story…

Down below, within the shadow of the great Castle, was the thickest of grass plains, covered in the makings of a Great Festival…

The Festival of Champions, and/or Heroes as King Wotgay had proclaimed it.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Warriors had gathered, and were being sifted through for Champions, Great Warriors and/or Heroes to build Wogtay’s Great Defensive Army…

Amongst them was the Illustrious Lord Malcom… Known most for his triumphs, and Crusades against the great Lycanthrope, and/or Werewolf, Infestation of the Kingdom of Dame… Some two to three years back.






Also present was Myriod…

Vampire Slayer of Dorn…








The Elven Mercenary Mira made a showing… But she is no Hero.

And certainly pales besides the likes of Lord Malcolm and Myriod…

And many other Mercenaries and the like that Dark Rider did not recognize…

All in quest of Glory, and Riches more than the likes they’ve ever seen…

All to protect King Wogtay, his Castle, and his Kingdom, from what seemed like certain doom from the North East…

At the hands of Lord Embul’s Legion, lead by the Great Mage Whorn, and The Three Dark Warriors of Heen…

“Why that’s Lord Malcom the Rightous!” Em’s bursted out.

“I can hardly believe it… And Myriod the Slayer…”…

“Morgan the Strong…?? By god, what are we doing here…” with this Em’s takes a deep swig from the Tankard of Ale he had somehow acquired.

The Dark Rider was not impressed.

As Largoth and Em’s signed in for Consideration, a voice came from behind The Dark Rider…

“Boy they’ll take just about anyone, eh Ukorian…”.

Dark Rider turned to see the familiar faces of Iloh, and Ukorian…

“Hello Dark Rider…”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Manga Dark Warrior



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