I’m Falling…

My Arms Extended… I can’t get out

White… Then Black

Red… Then Blue

I Land…

Black Sands

Step Forward…

I Can’t Get Out…

Clothed in Black…

Hair… Combed

Why Are my Eyes So Black

My Blood so Red

My Mood so Blue…

Together I spin… Slowly

Memories Form… Music

I am Alone… The Sands so White

I am Afraid… No… I’m not

Skies Part… Clouds

Cold Skin…

Soft Eyes

It’s Love… No… It’s not

I am Alone… All through the night

All of the nights

It Will Change… I don’t know

I Can’t know

It will change…


PHOTO CREDIT – Trippy Spiral

Other Scribblings by DarkJade



7 Responses to “Spiral”

  1. my mood is also blue…
    hang in there, it’ll get better =)

  2. I can sooo relate to this. . .a few months ago, I had a series of ECT treatments to bring me back, and doing better. ..now I try to get lots of fresh air and earth because it helps for some reason. Meanwhile, there is a gorgeous poem at the bottom of this post. ..just scroll down and listen. It’s written by a guy who had the same problems with sadness, so that makes it even more poignant. Hope it helps:

    • Fortunately I’ve never had to deal with True Depression… I have down Moments, which I get through, Writing helps…

      That is an Amazing Poem, thanks for sharing.

      It makes perfect sense that The Earth would help you with it… Nature is probably the Worlds Greatest Healing Tool… I would imagine being near an Ocean would also help… Or in the Mountains.

      Walks and Exercise also.

      I would say, my Dad, my Mom, and one of my Sisters battle with Depression more than I… Something to do with their Childhoods I’d imagine… I know Mom had a rough couple of years when her Dad was sick, he had a very bad temper due to Diabetes that wasn’t being managed properly… And both of my Dad’s Parents drank, and then his Mom simply left… So I’m sure he’s seen his days of Darkness… My Sister on the other hand, never really seemed to recover from my Dad leaving… Though it’s a good thing that he did, her young child did not think so, and blamed my Mom for a good 20 to 30 years… Even though it was my Dad that had gotten involved with someone else, and left.

      Anyway, like I say, I don’t really deal with any forms of Long Term Depression, just patches here and there, and I appreciate the encouragement, and I’m glad this Poem Reached you.


  3. this work captures me . . . reminding me of one of my long walks on the sand at waters edge many years ago . . . my life was shifting . . . i like it . . . * rm

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