Captain Fire 197 – Escape

The Nightmare had begun all over again… The Turens had taken out the Rogue Medical Ship, and Jono had lead their Landing Party back to our Shuttle…

I was of little use, curled up on the floor sweating like a baby… Reliving the Death of my Planet… Jono was right… I shouldn’t have come.

Jenna, of course, was right by my side telling me everything was going to be alright, as our Shuttle tried to reach the 197… Which was all the more difficult because of the added weight.

From the Floor I could see some of the Rogue Medical Crew.

There was Iona… I believe she was their leader. She was beautiful, and mysterious. Hardly the time to be noticing these things, but focusing on their now boarded Crew, and Jenna, were the only thing keeping me sane. THE TURENS THE TURENS THE TURENS kept going through my head.





“Rud, Nef, prepare the 197 to leave the system… Tell Captain Fire The Turens know we’re here!” Jono issued.




“Aye Aye Jono, we’re on it”.

Also in their Crew was Stagebra… She appeared to be their Security Chief, and/or some sort of a Mercenary…

She had the Confident Look of Jono, which gave her away to me. Me? Who am I to know anything… I’m literally helpless on the floor well the one I love is surrounded by these New, Stronger Woman…

The one I love…

And the Kiss Returned to my mind… This must have been quite a show for Jenna… Is it possible that I could love… Jono? Though we’ve only known each other so long.

All of these thoughts and feelings raced through my head as Tyo did is best to Navigate the Shuttle, which was way over weighted… But he had to reach the 197… He just had to. There’s so much more to say… So much more life to live. And that’s when I snapped out of it, and jumped up at Tyo’s side “Is there anything I can do Tyo??” I asked him.

“Just buckle your seat belt kid, we’re about to hook up with the 197…” he kindly replied.

“HERE WE GO PEOPLE, BRACE YOURSELF!” Jono suddenly yelled as the Shuttle came up against the 197 with a…


All of us loaded, and Captain Fire got us out of there.

If there was one thing about the 197, it’s that it is Fast.





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