Under The Weather – DarkJade Update

I think I’m fighting something off today, so I decided to just Chill a bit…

So what better time for a DarkJade Update.



The Written Word;

I recently completed my Writing Project (Novella) “I Died Once“, or I.D.O.

When I sat down to Write the Final Chapter, that wasn’t actually my Intention… But I have been feeling that the Climax was nearing, and when Pen hit Paper that day, that is surely what occurred.

I haven’t gotten a lot of Feedback on it as of yet, but during it’s run it got Several “Likes”, and the Readers that did Follow it, had Positive things to say about it, as well as it’s Ending. So this left me feeling very good… Especially since I’ve never completed a Novel, or in this case, a Novella before.

Though it’s only a very rough first draft, as I merely sat down, wrote a chapter, and posted it… No Editing as of yet. But at some point I will pick it up again, probably Edit/Fill it out a bit more myself, and then finally get it into the hands of some people for Actual Editing and/or Opinion. Thank you to all of you that did check it out during it’s run.

Blog Series;

Dark RiderI’ve had a lot of fun Writing The Dark Rider Series, and so it’s likely to keep going for a while. In fact, I have the latest Episode of it sitting in one of my Four Notebooks right now… Once I’m feeling a bit better, I will be posting it.


Captain Fire 197; Captain Fire 197 has also been fun, though I find there are periods where I set it down for a week or so, until something just hits me and the next Episode or two comes. I for see it being around for a bit.







Sleeper; I gave a Spy Series called Sleeper a few goes, but there didn’t seem to be much interest, and as many different things as I’m Writing, I end up needing to be a bit selective sometimes as to what I put my time into.


New Series – The Mind Chronicles; I’ve really had a lot of fun with this Series… And the Initial Volumes of it have just flown out of me. So far I’ve had a couple “Likes”, and Comments, but am looking forward to hearing how people like this Series.







Scribblings/Poems; I originally started Writing some Poetry back when I started the Blog on August 18th, but slowly started to veer away from itSuprisingly, I have as of late been returning to Writing some more… I’m also currently having my First 14 Poems Edited by my Oldest Sister (Who is a Beautiful Poet, and quite good in English, which I’m not), and looking to potentially Self Publishing them into a Simple Little Book. We shall see how that goes.

The Dark Globe; My 3rd Blog The Dark Globe, which I started back at the end of October, has gone quite well… We currently have 6 Contributing Writers, and 1 Contributing Photographer… There are also a couple more Writers that have signed on, who may Contribute at some point.

We recently received the Versatile Blogger Award over there, and I have shifted my Film Reviews, and many of my Editorials to that Blog. As much as I consider myself a “Creative Writer”, I also have a strong passion for “Journalism”. The Dark Globe has been an Excellent Outlet for that part of my Writing.

One Knight; My 2nd Blog, One Knight (Site), has gone quite well as well, at least as far as Productivity is concerned… I have completed over 12 Chapters on my One Knight (The Novel), and My Guest Writers Pdk The Writing’s of Pdk and Pete Insanity’s Ascension have been busy as well.

Anyway, that’s enough for now…

I want to thank all of you that Follow The Written Word, as well those that Follow The Dark Globe and One Knight Sites.

I Truly do Appreciate all of your Support, and/or Interest in mine, and the Artists that I work with… And look forward to Writing On…


PHOTO CREDIT – Under the Weather





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