The Mind Chronicles (Volume VI) – Farahi





Jarod Black continues to make his way North through the Blackened, and Nearly Dead forests of Canada 6.

His Destination, Abraham Bendo Tower, Fairbanks, Alaska Lair of the Mind.

After traveling 6 plus hours north of the Western Outpost, he starts to sense that he is again being followed.

But by something much worse than a Mutant…

Not being one to avoid conflict as required, he stops his Mechanical Horse Mount, Johnny, and dismounts.

“Woe boy…”.

He then takes his Plasma Rifle from his back, and has Johnny lay down as a barrier between him, and whatever’s following him.

“COME ON OUT, I’M NOT MOVEN UNTIL YOU DO!” he calls out. “Whatever you are” he mumbles under his breath.

And that’s when she appeared.

A young girl, maybe 17, steps out from behind a distant tree.

She is attired in some form of leather synthetic hunting gear, bright blue lensed goggles upon her face, and shoulder length blond hair.

Upon her back she appears to have both a long spear, and some sort of Composite Bow, and Arrows.

“What the hell?” Jarod mumbles under his breath.

The girl then pulls her goggles atop of her head “I’M SORRY THAT I FOLLOWED YOU!” she calls over.


Jarod grunts, and then mounts his Mechanical Horse Johnny once more.

The girl than pulls out from behind a near by tree, some form of a Motor Bike, that has been altered in design, in order to travel without sound.

She rolls it forward running up beside Jarod “Wait!” with this she starts her stealthy engine, and rides besides him.

“I have money!” she holds forth a little bag containing some form of currency.

Jarod looks first at the bag, and then her bike “Riding a STARK 6000, I’d uh guessed you did…”.

“My parents left me the money… They are gone… I am alone” with this he stops his Horse and looks at her.

“No different than most” she continues.

He starts to ride again, she continues besides him.

“So what is it you need from me, I am a bit busy right now as you may have noticed…” he says as he again looks at her.

“But one can never have enough money these days… So what is it”.

The girl then pulls down her goggles as they gain speed “I needs passage direct to Fairbanks…”… “I seek Council with “The Mind””.

He stops again “How did you know I was seeking out The Mind?” he questions.

The girl stops as well, looks ahead of them, then back at Jarod “There is nothing else here… Not anymore… Just dead forest for miles and miles” she explains.

“You were the first visitor to the Western Outpost I had seen in 3 months…”… “Most that go there simply seek out a cold residence to avoid the many mutants…” she continues.

Jarod starts to ride slowly again as the girl continues to speak and follow “As The Mind has told, most mutants do not like cold regions…”… “I think it has something to do with their circulation…”.

“And you… What do you seek?” she questions.



The young girl and Jarod sit around a fire that the girl built.

She is also cooking some form of meat for them.

“I am Farahi by the way…” with this she hands Jarod some of the meat on a stick.

“I am Jarod Black… Mercenary” he replies.

“What is it you needs speak to The Mind about Farahi?”.

“The Mutants… Actually” she hesitantly replies.

With this Jarod stops mid bite “You’re not one of those Crazy “Humanists” are you…” he questions.

“Seeking “Rebirth”, and “Salvation” for the Mutants?” he continues.

She does not reply, and eats.

“You are…” Jarod grunts and continues to eat as well.

“There must be a way to return them to their former selves… There must be!” She suddenly blurps out.

“And if any one can figure it out, it’s The Mind…” she finishes.

“Oh, you mean the guy that only yesterday told the Free World to get off their asses and kill all the mutants??”… “That guy…” he finishes eating, and throws the stick in the fire.

Farahi then puts one of her hands on one of Jarod’s arms “Don’t you realize the impact of adding 500,000 more Civilians to our population??”… “It would almost quadruple our race…”… “Just think about the implications…” with this Jarod pulls his arm away from her.

“Don’t you think the smartest man on our planet has already thought this through…”… “Don’t you think maybe, at the end of his research on this matter, he must have found some Alarming Results?” he rants.

“I mean, why else would he have us all out our doors with guns in hands, unless he felt they were a viable threat to our continued existence…” he finishes, and stands.

“Just let me come… It’s a lot of money….” she hands Jarod the bag of money.

“Indeed it is…” he takes the bag, looks inside, and tosses it back to her.

“But I’m not looking to piss The Mind off…” he walks away and starts to prepare a spot to sleep on.

“And that’s just what bringing the “Humanist Movement” right to his doorstep would do… I’m sure of it” he lays down.

Farahi just sits there looking at him as he lay, her faded blue eyes even lighter than before they had started talking.

“Why are you seeking him out Jarod Black… You still haven’t told me” she inquires.

Jarod pulls his hat over his face “That my dear… Is between him… And me” he goes to sleep.



PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalyptic



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