Captain Fire 197 – Finding Nisho

We had escaped the Turens, and were now heading who knows where…

As I sit alone in my cabin, alone, in the dark… I have found myself in a bit of an “Identity Crisis”…

Who am I? I was just breaking into late Teenship when my Planet Ona was destroyed by the Turens… And now that I have re-faced them, ever so indirectly, I find that in a sort of a way… I’ve come/gone full circle.

As I sit here in the dark, playing with this Flicka Light, which basically blinks a blue light on and off, I find myself Taking Stock, so to speak.

I am a 17 year old green haired girl, who never knew their parents… Someone who was raised by some very nice people, who have basically been blown off the face of the Universe.

I now live, and travel with a crew of one might say “Space Crusaders”, lead by a one eyed man I know absolutely nothing about… Other than he’s had run ins with the Federation, and is now trying to make amends to avoid some sort of prison term I suppose.

Something that he was about to turn himself in for, but at the heavy encouragement and protest of the crew, mainly Jono, and Jenna, is instead working alongside the government in such missions as this last… To deliver Medical Supplies and Equipment to a Rogue Medical Crew, in hopes to save as many from this latest Turen attack on Cliqo 1…

But I digress.

I now find myself falling in love with the Captain Fire’s Head of Security, Jono… And who wouldn’t… Smart, Handsome and Brave.

But there is also something Deeper, and Darker to him… Something I haven’t completely figured out yet…

And then there’s Jenna…

Someone who Jono’s Family took on as their own, and so he Loves Her, and Protects her like he would a Sister.

That’s it, no wonder Jenna has been so keened with me… We’re both Orphans…

Suddenly someone was at my door…

“Just a minute…” I quickly opened it only to see…




Oh great, it’s just Iona, the “Hot” Leader of the Rogue Medical Crew that we just saved from Ciqo 1’s Third Moon…

Come to snatch my not yet boyfriend Jono, what am I nuts, I can’t date him… We’re a Friggen Crusade!! for gods sake…

Uh oh, she’s just siting there staring at me…

“I’m sorry to bother you at this hour…” she spoke softly… Great, now I like her too.

“Oh no worries, come on in…” I let the enemy in the door, what am I thinking.

“Captain Fire told me that you might be interested in some Medical Training while we’re traveling with you, and so I thought I should introduce myself…” she sticks out her hand…

“I am Iona…” I shake it, but I really don’t want to be… Man, I’m starting to sound like a Bi@$#… Enough already.

“He did??”… “I mean, that would be great… I really need more of a purpose on this ship than Assisting the Cook, and “Being Honest” which for some reason Jenna and Captain Fire seem to think of as a useful thing”. Okay, now I’m just being hysterical…

Iona smiles “No, I know exactly what they mean… Being a Leader of a Medical Crew, we often run the risk of Crew Members swiping Medicine, whether to use as some sort of High Agent, or to sell to the Black Market… Medical Supplies are a bit hard to come by at this time…” wow, maybe she’s too boring to interest Jono? Wow, I am a Bi$@$.



PICTURE CREDITS – Space Scene, Green Hair Girl, White Haired Anime Girl



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