Filmcraft – The Insider by Michael Mann


I’ve decided to start a new Segment called Filmcraft, where I focus/hone in on some Filmmakers Etc. that I admire…

Being that I wanted to Make Films during my Twenties, but didn’t get and/or create a chance too… But did pursue it from 1999-2003, it’s True to say that Film Making is truly one of my Greatest Passions…

That said, my First Filmcraft is based on the Michael Mann Film, The Insider.

The Insider (1999)

I just finished watching Michael Mann’s Film, “The Insider”… If you haven’t seen this Film, see it. Especially if you’re considering any kind of Career in the Film Industry. But even if you’re not, see this Film.

To say this Film was made in 1999 is “literally” true, but in all other ways, it is Timeless.

The Acting is Phenomenal, in fact Russell Crowe walked away with the Best Actor in a Leading Role… But Al Pachino is also Magnificent.

Here’s a Trailer to Ring a bell

The Trailer;

It also walked away with an Oscar for Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture, Best Sound and Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced.

The Music;

The Preview for this Film doesn’t Truly catch the Essence of Michael Mann’s Film Making… Nor the Music, or Flow.

This isn’t just a “Film”… It’s a “Piece”.

I will close by showing you the Scene that Motivated me to Write this Tonight… One of the Best Scenes in the Film… Just to set the stage, it is at this moment in the film that Russell Crowe realizes that all that he has risked, may be for not…

Cool Scene; (You May Need to Turn it Up)

In Closing I will say this… There is absolutely Nothing Dry about this Film… Forget the Preview, which is just okay… This Film is Vivid, Visceral and Compelling.

See it… And if you’re Pursuing Film Making, Own it… And watch it over, and over, and over again.

Thanks for Listening/Reading




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2 Responses to “Filmcraft – The Insider by Michael Mann”

  1. Haven’t seen it, but your review/slash analysis of it has greatly increased the chances of that changing sometime soon!

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