Plink… Plank

The Rain Drops strike my Mind like Splashes of Paint and Light…

Each Flash a Forming Idea…

Each Color…

A Word…

A Thought

As I Glance Across the Powder Periwinkle Sky of my Mind…

With Vibrant Grass Green thoughts to catch my Fall

And White Fluffy Clouds…

In an All Black Sky

The Words come up, and off this Old Black Type Writer…

Click… Clack

Like Air of Life…

Crafting Breaths to feed my Soul

So I might Feed 10 More…

And from them, each 10 More

As the Rippling Workings take shape, and my Mind begins to flex

What Ships Shall Sail…

What Heroes May Rise…

Whilst Villains Fall

The Words roll out now…

The Worlds come forth… How

Can I explain…


But I must try…

And so I write


PICTURE CREDIT – Periwinkle Sky



Other Scribblings by DarkJade


3 Responses to “Vast”

  1. I like this poem about poetry and the writing process.

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