The Quiet One

The Quiet One

His Father was a Monster…

No… Not Mine

Mother so Protective

They Mocked Him all the time

He spent most time alone…

Some might say Confined…

Alone in the Dark…

Expansion of his Mind…

His Sadness not his own…

He Paid it over time

He often wore Dark Clothes…

It kept him from the Light

His Gaze was often down..

To Steer Him from their Eyes

The Angry and the Bored…

Often Him Despised…

Why Should he be Allowed to Feel?

The Angry would inquire…

It’s just Pain… What’s the Big Deal?

The Anger made them Blind

And as they Turned and Walked away

Their Soul would start to Rumble…

The Boy Looked up… Had this to say

Your Heart will Surely Crumble

Change Yourself… There still is time

The Angry Blocked their Ears

It’s Not Too Late… To Only Try

With This they Disappeared

You Don’t know me…

Don’t Act… Like you know me





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