Dark Rider – Man Down

Though the Orcs and Ogres of Lord Embul’s Dark Army continued to come in a seemingly endless stream…

Largoth, Ems and Ukorian, along with the majority of Wogtay’s Heroes of Fortune, seemed to be managing alright…

Meanwhile Iloh, Elsya and The Dark Rider… Along with a hand full of other Heroes, took it upon their selves to take down the Great Mage Whorn…

And the Three Warriors of Heen… Prouhl, Idian and Romlydo…

Whorn, most unexpectedly, went down fairly quickly in a Blaze of Magic, Blood and Light…

But The Warriors of Heen would not fall so easily…

The First, Idian, took down three Heroes before several seemed to trap him against the mountainside below Wogtay’s Castle…

The Second however, Romlydo, who is Part Elemental, thus much more difficult to control, on seeing Whorn go down decided to call it a day, and return to his Shadowy Realm…

No longer under the Magical Influence of Whorn, who had summoned him to this Realm to begin with…

Prouhl, however, had killed two Heroes, and was heading at Iloh, Elsya and The Dark Rider…

It was this point that Elsya’s Dragon appeared, and let forth a blast of Magical Ice, imprisoning the unsuspecting Prouhl…






He was quite a site to see… A most Noble Creature…

“Elsya!! Help the others secure Idian…” The Dark Rider suddenly called out.

“Iloh and I will keep an eye on Prouhl…” he finished.

Reluctantly, Elsya complied… Off on her Dragon she flew.

Just then, no later than a moment, Iloh turned her back towards Prouhl… Only for a moment… But in that moment, Prouhl Broke Free of his Icy Prison, and was about to take her out…

The Dark Rider, seeing no other option, threw himself between the two of them…

“ILOH!! WATCH OUT!!!” all that was heard was a “CRACKCRASH!!!!” of Prouhl’s Great Sword striking Dark Rider down to the ground…

His Shield Torn in Half…

“DARK RIDER NO!!!!” Iloh screamed as she took arms against an unbeatable enemy…


PICTURE CREDIT’S – Orc, Winter Frost Dragon



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