Bruce Lee – The Dragon

Since I’ve started my Blogging in the Middle of August this year, I have mentioned a hand full of my Personal Heroes… My Primary ones being, Walt Disney, Bruce Lee and Captain America… Followed closely by George Lucas… And later came Gary Gygax and John Hughes.

The Links above will lead you to Posts I’ve done where I made mention of these Heroes, and what they meant to me.

As you can see, I have not as of yet Written about Bruce Lee… I was basically waiting for the Right Moment, which is apparently now, lol

To me Bruce Lee is more than just the Best Martial Arts Artist known to man… Or at least, known to me… No… He’s a Spiritual Icon just as well…

As well as a Shrewd Business Man…

To See Him Move has to be one of the most Invigorating things I’ve ever seen…

When throwing a Punch it’s like his Fist Reachs into another Dimension, where he draws forth a Peach, pulls it back to his own dimension, takes a bite, smiles at it’s sweetness, and still finds time to Kick his Opponent’s A$$!

The guy was a Walking, Breathing Legend.

And I can truly say, he is a Human Being that I actually would have liked to meet… Or at least be in a room with him as he discussed his Fighting Method, and/or The Meaning of Life… Both Subjects when spoken by Bruce Lee, are Equally Captivating, and potentially Life Changing.

The Man – Listen to Every Single Word Bruce Lee says in this Interview… The guy is simply Amazing… He basically doesn’t waste a Word… He’s Deep on Every Single Level

And not that it’s necessarily Relevant, but the Man is So Damn Cool, lol

Do you know anyone who could look that Cool in Orange Lensed Glasses?? I don’t think so.

But enough about his insurmountable Spirituality… And Unmeasurable Coolness… I know what you came here for…

The Fighting, lol

Enter The Dragon;

You see him Grab that Peach, take a Nice Big Bite, before he ever even touched that guy…

Game of Death;

How many Must Die! Before you the Reader is Appeased, lol

I’ll tell you one thing about Bruce Lee… The Dude didn’t need a Weapon… He was a Weapon.

Fist of Fury; Ha Ha, the Dubbing is realllllly bad in this one… Consider yourself warned… But the Fighting… The man is Electric

Okay… Okay… So maybe an Additional Weapon comes in handy when you’re Fighting 30 Guys at once… But I still say, Bruce Lee… Is the True Weapon.

And More Than that… A True Human Being

Thanks for Listening/Reading/Watching




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6 Responses to “Bruce Lee – The Dragon”

  1. I watched so many movies with Bruce Lee in my childhood! 🙂 Or maybe I watch the same movie over and over again…: D I always admired his technique and abilities! 🙂

    • lol, I know what you mean… I couldn’t tell you what movies I’ve seen, or not seen… I know I saw all, or parts, of several when I was younger… He was just so fast… I couldn’t believe any human could move that fast…

      And very cool… And very smart… Really Fascinating/Interesting guy… I was so sad when we lost him, and couldn’t believe that we lost his son so young as well… Brandon was also a very neat guy

      Thanks for the Comment Kristina


  2. I am inspired by people who defy the laws of nature as we know them. His fighting is awesome. I have heard of Chinese people who sit down and are not moved even when pushed…

    • I have too… I am Inspired by People Who Test The Human Limits, Yah know… I don’t mean “Take Great Risks”… I Just Mean Expanding their selves…

      Which is why I like Sports, I like to see what the Human Body, Mind and Spirit is Able to do…

      Also, My Favorite Superhero was “Captain America”, because he “Is Human”… The “Super Serum” he takes basically Stretches his “Natural” Potential to its Maximum Possibility… But he is still Human… The Superheroes who have “God Like” Powers have never really interested me

      I also have always liked Iron Man… Because, once again, it’s a Human who Uses his Own Abilities to Create a Superhero… Tony Stark is Brilliant, and his “Mind” is what Creates not only his Billions, but His Technologies that Create the Iron Man Suit.


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