Hamlet & The Daughter’s of James

The two of the girls looked nothing alike…

But each being from a different Mother, you could hardly be surprised.

Scarlett was 8, with wavy dark brown hair…

Which almost looked black in certain light… And likewise dark, dark brown eyes.

She had olive skin, and always seemed to look down when she spoke… Much like her Father James in his youth…

And then there was Jade…

Who was 9… She, unlike Scarlett, had long straightish light blond hair… Fare skin, and deep emerald green eyes…

And when she spoke, she’d always look you right in the eyes…

Honest… Earnest.

And her voice always got a bit higher pitched when she was certain of what she was saying…

Which was just about 99.9% of the time.

There they sat in the sandbox, full of ever white sand…

There Grandpa Wilfred was watching them from a nearby park bench as he looked through the sports page of the Newspaper.

Now Scarlett was wearing a dark red velvet dress…

And Jade a dark green velvet dress.

Neither of which should have been plunked down there in the sand…

But what can I say…

There was no Mother.

And Grandpa Wilfred…

He knew not of these sort of things.

Sometimes Jade and Scarlett would have deep, content conversations while they’d play with their dolls in the sandbox…

Today was such a day…

“He was upset…” Jade explained.

“Why was he upset?” Scarlett questioned without raising her eyes.

“His Father had been murdered most foully…” Jade continued.

“Murdered?” Scarlett inquired.

“You know… Killed with foul intent…” Jade finished.

“Oh…” Scarlett simply replied.

Scarlett then spent several moments dragging her doll through the sand.

And then spoke…

“Who killed his Father?” she questioned.

“His Father’s Brother…” Jade exclaimed, her voices pitch rising, as she simultaneously tore the head off of her doll.

“Uhh… His Uncle!?” Scarlett exclaimed back, this time actually looking up at Jade.

It was at this point that Grandpa Wilfred peaked over his newspaper.

“Everything alright girls?” he asked.

They both nodded, and he continued reading.

Jade then leaned in close to Scarlett…

“The very same…” she replied softly.

“And what about his Mother?” Scarlett questioned.

“She married his Father’s Brother…” Jade spoke sharply, as if accusing someone of a most unkind act.

Scarlett gasped and then “Ewww” she replied.

With this their Father James arrived, and scooped them both up into his arms.

“How are my two favorite girls?!” he exclaimed as he brought them over to where his Father was.

“Hi Dad… Sorry I’m late…” James spoke to his Father.

“Oh that’s alright, I suspect you may have saved Polonius from certain doom, arriving when you did…” his Father replied with a smile.

James looked surprised by this.

And as the four of them walked off, James holding Jade’s hand, and Wilfred holding Scarlett’s…

The last words that could be heard from Scarlett were “Whose Polonius?”.

Meanwhile the doll’s head sits alone in the sand.




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