Filmcraft (Volume 2) – The Empire Strikes Back


Let me start by saying this, it is a General Rule that Sequels aren’t as good as the First Film of a Series… That said, The Empire Strikes gave the Original Star Wars a run for its money.

In fact, whenever I am asked what my Favorite Film is, I generally reply “Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back…”… As I find it hard to choose one or the other… The Original Star Wars was Epic, and Industry, and Life Changing to/for me…

However, The Empire Strikes back was simply awesome.

The Empire Strikes Back;

Stage 1 – Epic Snow Based Battle Anyone? Lucas was smart by taking one step back and letting Irvin Kershner Direct this Film…

Not only Because he more than Nailed it, but because I do Believe George Lucas actually had a Heart Attack during the Filming of the First One, and frankly, nothing is worth dying for… Certainly not a Life/Industry Changing Space Epic… Okay, almost worth it.

None the less, I suspect it reduced the amount of self imposed stress that he puts on himself, as well as gave him an even further opportunity to oversee the overall scope of the thing. Well Played George, and Well Done Kershner (who passed away in 2010, may you find peace Kershner, and us Earthlings Thank you)…

Hoth; Back to Hoth… Starting the Film with a little Pod that locates the Rebel Base, just Kicks A$$!! And beyond Luke getten thrashed about by a Snow Monster, lead to one of the Coolest Sci-Fi Battles in Film… Hands down.

Stage 2 – Han and Leia separate from Luke… More Opportunities for Leia and Han to Fall in Love… As he Struts His stuff via Direct Decent into an Asteroid Field…

Never Tell Me The Odds (Which has been my Motto pretty much my whole life)

Well Played Han, way to impress the girl… And if that’s not enough, latch yourself to pieces of Galactic Garbage in order to give the Empire and Darth the Slip… Never hurts, and sometimes it even gets you a Kiss from the Princess…

Once again… Well Played.

Which leads us to…

Stage 3 – Enter The Bounty Hunter. Boba Fett

Pretty much considered to be one of the Coolest Characters in all of the Six Star Wars Films… And with good reason… He Kicks A$$!! lol

Stage 4 –


Enter Yoda… The Teacher of the Force… The Master Jedi, who will show Luke the rest of the way to being a Jedi Knight

Unless of course, Luke’s Friends get in Trouble, in which case, Luke will skip Class, and Be the Hero… Again

Stage 5 – The Trap

What better way to Lure a Partially Trained Jedi into a Face to Face Light Saber Battle with Darth Vader Himself, than to threaten the one’s he loves… Well Played Darth

Stage 6 – Carbon Freeze Han (Oh and be sure to set the timer to Defrost in time for the Third Film) – Brilliant

Oh and, toss in an opportunity for Princess Leia to tell Han she loves him… It certainly didn’t hurt the scene… In fact… It made the scene

“I Love You…” “I know…”

Stage 7 – Good Vs. Evil… The Confrontation

But You Are Not A Jedi… Yet

Impressive… Most Impressive… Which Leads to…

Stage 8 – “I am Your Father!!”

Brilliant… Lucas was so smart on this, he didn’t even tell the Actors that Darth was Luke’s Father until right before they started to Film the Scene… The Epitome of Epic

“Your Training is Complete Lucas… Now you, are the Master”.


I saw this Film in 1980 as a kid, you could not have had a happier Crowd in a Movie… Ever… Until the End… 3 Years!!! Until it Continues… Oh well… It Paid off for Lucas

And though I didn’t care for “Return of the Jedi” all that much, I did very much like all the Luke/Emperor/Darth Vader Scenes at the end.

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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