DarkJade’s – New Years With U2

Well, upon Reflection… 2011 was a Good Year… Yes, I lost a relationship that I would have rather of not… But, I did return to Writing, which has been an Extremely Fulfilling Experience

That Said, Lets get to the Festivities…

And what better way than with one of the Best Rock Bands of our Time… U2


lol, Hilarious… I had actually forgotten they had a song called “New Years Day“… I’m a pretty Hard Core Fan, eh

With or Without YouMy Favorite U2 Song for Years

Wow, that was a Pretty Damn Cool Video… I’ve never seen it

All I Want Is You

Wow, didn’t realize Bono was so “Audience Participation” Oriented… Pretty cool

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Bruce Stops by)

Oh NO!! Metallica Snuck In!! Eh, Somehow, I’m ok with that, lol

U2 and Metallica

It’s A Beautiful Day – Love This Song

One – One of the Best Songs ever Written

Did I disappoint you… Or Leave a Bad Taste in your Mouth…

You Act Like you Never Had Love… And You want Me to go Without

Some of my Favorite All Time Lyrics

You Say  Love is a Temple, Love a Higher Law

Love is a Temple, Love The Higher Law

You Ask Me To Enter but Then you make me Crawl…

And I can’t be holdin’ on to what you got…

When all you got is hurt

And Now I shall Leave you with this… I hope all of you have a Safe, and Happy New Year

u2 Unforgettable Fire

Thanks for Chillen with me

See You in 2012


2 Responses to “DarkJade’s – New Years With U2”

  1. Pretty Awesome choices! I love U2 😉 Happy New Year!!!

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