Chess With Agatha (Chapter One) – The Protector

Chess With Agatha…

and the Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade


CHAPTER ONE – The Protector

“My Parents were gone…”

“Or rather… My Adopted Parents”.

“Killed in a terrible car crash, on the way home from the liquor store that cold winter night in November…”

“Cold winter nights… There’s been so many of them this year…”

A 17 year old girl sits on the floor, in the dark of an old run down apartment…

Around her are some dozen or so half filled boxes…

Boxes of trash… Filled with items from a life that is now over…

A time, which has ran its course.

As the sun slowly rises outside the living room window behind her, which is largely blocked by an olive green bed sheet of her ex-adopted mother’s choice…

As she hated the sunlight you see…

Hangovers had caused this… Sensitivity to Light.

And as the slivers of the morning light begin to enter the room, they catch the ends of Agatha’s hair…

Lighting them up like some tapestry of gold.

Yes, her name is Agatha…

And her blue eyes, though hidden now, pierce the skies, and hurt the sea with their majesty…

Their… Brilliant glow.

As Agatha waits for Agamemnon, or so she calls him, to arrive to escort her to school, she finds herself playing with the thick black laces of her short black Doc Martin Boots…

Draped over her body she wears an old warn, second hand, black Navy Pea Coat like Trench Coat, which goes all the way down to her ankles…

Being 5’9″ herself, it was quite long.

And about her neck, a deep purple scarf, most royal indeed.

Soon Agatha would hear the clip, clop, slide, tap of Agamemnon’s lame leg, coupled with that of his cherry wood cane.

“Who was this stranger” she often asked herself.

“This… Dark, quiet man that came for her every morning thus… For some months now”.

“Suposedly a God Father… Or some such thing. Appointed by my now ex-adopted Father, Roy…”.

“And how was it that Roy, a man with no charm whatsoever, should meet, and/or know such a man as this…”

“The whole thing was a quandary indeed…”.

But Agatha, in her now 5 month long daze, has never really gave it much thought.



“It was him… Agamemnon”.

“Agatha… Come” he called from outside the door.




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