Blue Light

Blue Light

Sit “I Prefer to stand”

Quiet “Unrest”

Move “For Now”

Run “Or Else”

Wait “No More”

Hesitate… “It’s Too Late for That”

Questions “The Room”

Answers? “Unlikely”

Phone “What for?”

Silence “Eyes Shut”

Prayer “Unfair”

Sequence “Unknown”

Love? “Questionable”

Desire… “For More”

Lust “or Passion”

Praise “Uncertain”

Need “Unknown”

I wait… But I do not wish to “Don’t be so sure”


PHOTO CREDIT – Blue Light Special



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4 Responses to “Blue Light”

  1. Im not a fan of poetry actually. But then some things make you change you opinion for this poem – loved it!!

  2. there is a restlessness about this piece… i enjoyed it

    • You’re right… I was definitely feeling Restless, Uneasy, Conflicted and Torn when I wrote it.

      I’m glad you liked it LadyT

      Thanks for the Comment


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