Dark Rider – Champion of Wogtay

And so Dark Rider lay there upon the ground, Iloh standing between him and the Mighty Prouhl

“You’d best be on your way Woman Warrior, I have unfinished business with your Dark Rider…” he spoke at Iloh menacingly.

But she stood strong…

“Go back to the Foul Hell in which you were born, Dark One… You’ll take no life today…” she spat at him.

“HAA!!” this seemed to amuse him more than anything else…

“So Be It Wench, I’ll send thee on your way first then” and he raised his great Sword above him…

When suddenly, a Gold Knight struck at Prouhl, knocking his sword to the ground…

“BACK BEAST OF FIRE!!! TODAY BE YOUR LAST!!” it was King Wogtay…

And then another Gold Knight appeared, this one a Woman…





“LET ME HAVE AT HIM MY LORD!!” it was the King’s Champion, Wynoah.

And a great Battle Ensued…

Prouhl, of course, had a Second Weapon, a Large Axe on his back…

Wynoah and King Wogtay fought valiantly, and as they did, Iloh saw to The Dark Rider, who was now beginning to wake.

And just as Wynoah thought she had Finished Prouhl…

“DIE VILLAIN!!” she bellowed…

He took one last Fatal Swing, knocking the King’s Champion’s Head Clear off…

“NOOOOO!!!” Dark Rider Howled as he bounded to his feet, took both of his Swords from his back, and hurled them deep into Prouhl’s Chest!!

Killing Him Instantly, and sending him back to the Hell He Had been Brought Forth From!!


PICTURE CREDITS – Dark Warrior, Gold Knight, Gold Warrior

Dark Rider Season 1 (2011)




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