Light From Dark

Light From Dark

Like Blackened Wood…

Full of Green Light

The Splinters Strike my skin…

Time Slows

The Blackness is all around me…

But there is Light

I Have Not been here

It is… Unfamiliar

There is More to Life than we know…

Our day to day…

There is more

I stagger forth…

I hardly know

I have Lost People…

Greater than I Thought I’d ever know…

I have Loved Angels…

And Weeped in Storms…

Of Pitch Black, Wavy hair

The losses I’ve known…

The Losses

I know




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4 Responses to “Light From Dark”

  1. Congratulations, you have won the 7 x 7 Award! Check it out here

    • Thank you so much J.C.V., I’ll have to research some of my Posts, and Post a Response

      Thanks Again… All of your “Likes” are truly Appreciated


  2. beautifully written

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