Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Hidden Location

“We Know What you Are Jenna…” spoke the man in the shadows of the room that Jenna is being held in.

“I will not use my abilities to harm another being… So you can just forget about it… Merrick… I’d rather die first” Jenna calmly replied.

“Oh, no one needs to be hurt Jenna… As long as they do… Just as we ask” the stranger replied.

He starts to leave the room, and then turns back… “And you may know my Name Telepath… But you don’t know, who I am” and leaves Jenna in the Dark.

Kolaween Space Station

Quadrant 12

Wardon, Wardon’s Android Creation Smidge, Tamaron and I have returned to the Kolaween Space Station, and are discussing our plan.

“We wont have much time before Captain Fire will realize that we’ve gone missing… So this next couple of hours is pertinent…” I explain. Odd, that I am the oldest of us here.

“Smidge and I will take the Southern End of the Station, you and Tamaron take the North…” Wardon conveys.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright alone?” I question him.

Smidge in turn looks over at me and winks one of his electronic blue eyes as if letting me know I needen’t worry.

Which of course, freaked me out.

“Okay than…” I replied…

And we were off.

Tyndo-1 Tavern

Jono has the Bartender pinned up against a wall in the back hallway of the Tavern.

“If there’s something you’re not telling me, I’ll kill you myself…” Jono spoke to the petrified Barkeep.

“NO! NO! I swear… He asked me to follow her and to let him know when it looked like she was going to leave the Space Station… And that is exactly what I did…” he explained frantically to Jono.

“With this” the Barkeep reached into his coats inner pocket and pulled forth a small Comunicay Chip.

Jono takes it, and puts it in his pocket.

“Alright then” lets him go, and leaves.

Within minutes Smidge locates Jono, quickly followed by Wardon.

“Wardon–” Jono starts to speak, but Wardon cuts him off.

“I don’t want to hear it… I’m finding my Sister…” Wardon insists.

“I was just going to say, check this out…” Jono tosses Wardon the Comunicay Chip…

“It should lead us to Jenna’s kidnapper…” Jono explains.



PICTURE CREDIT – Bad Guys, Anime Network Robot, Anime Bartender

Captain Fire 197 – Season 1 (2011)



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