White Feather

White Feather

And so she left me with Four White Feathers…

As I lay upon the Sky…

Dark Hair…

Darkly Clad…

And Bright Green Eyes

Her Image was Brightly White…

I could not Breathe when I was near her

And as She turned to go…

A Tear in her Likewise Green Eyes…

I handed her back one White Feather and said…

This is for She that’s Breath did Bring Forth Life…

Her head tilted slightly, tears running down her soft, warm, fair Cheeks

I handed her yet another…

And this is for you… I Love Thee Like no other

With this, she took it, and nestled in closely, her Breath against my Neck…

Like that Night of our First Love

And this, I handed another…

Is for the Dark Haired one, that Stole away my Heart

She touched my face

And this… I handed my last

For the Golden Red Haired, who still holds my Heart…

Though she is Far, Far…

Too Far Away

At this, she Kissed me…

Warm, Sweet and Soft

She touched my face, and released my hand

Off to Angel’s Land

For Her Clouds Surely Part

As she rose, I fell, hardly upon my Knees…

Black Clouds did fill the sky

Rain did fall, Warmth did go…

As I cast these Hands, and Green Eyes to the Storm

Is there not One Feather Left…

Am I Doomed to be Alone…


PICTURE CREDIT – White Feather



Other Scribblings/Poems by DarkJade-


6 Responses to “White Feather”

  1. Beautiful! If only you sell poetry books! I will buy all šŸ™‚

    • lol, well, I’m currently waiting for My First 16 Poems on this Site to arrive, as I’ve had them Edited (By My Oldest Sister), and Printed… I’m not sure this is the Company I will end up Printing them with in the Future, as Comic Book Printing is more their Specialty… But then again, if they come out nice and Simple/Charming, I may use them after all… As the Content is the thing

      This would be my First Self Published Work… As there is a Local Book Store that has recently Reopened, and allows for Books on Consignment… So we shall see if I do that, and if they shall Accept My Work as something they’d like to sell.

      Though to be Honest with you, I do not think I would let you Pay for any of my Work, you’re at the Top of My List for “Free” Copies of anything that I do, lol

      Thanks for the Comment, and Compliment Noiri

      Catch you at Firelight


      • That is very kind of you. I would love to review it.

        Best of luck with the publishing!

        • Thank you Noiri, I really need to look into ebooking it as well, and possibly LuLu… The research, and setting it up for eprint as it were, and LuLu Printing will take a bit of patience, I researched LuLu a bit before… But, I want to do it.

          If I ever ebook my stuff, I’ll probably give some of my Readers a Copy… Though with you, Probably one of the Physical Copies

          Thanks again


  2. Hey – just a quick question.

    Did you ask the creator of that image (aka, me) to use it before you copied it for your site?

    I’m thinking not.

    I don’t actually mind, but if you could put a caption on it or something stating that it was from my site (www.shadesofadream.com) I’d appreciate it.


    • Sorry about that, It’s not always easy to get in touch with the Artists… But I had already Linked The Credit at the Bottom of the Page

      Let me know if you’d like me to remove it from the Site


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