DarkJade – After Midnight

When Sleep Doesn’t come…

A Flare for the Dramtic


Other People Like to sing your song…

This Next, and Last one is a bit more Meaningful to me… Matters of the Heart lead me to a lot of Evanescence Listening Last yearAs was Evident, in the use of many of their songs along side some of my Poetry…

But I have to say… I was Glad that they were there for me to Return to, as I hadn’t really listened to them for several years… And Amy Lee and I spent many a Night Together, Healing My Heart

So Thank you Evanescence… And Thank You Amy Lee…

Even a Poet, sometimes needs a Poet


Thanks for Listening/Reading




6 Responses to “DarkJade – After Midnight”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Brilliant choices. I opened a new page & listened while I continued reading blogs! I’m in the mood for reading tonight, not writing. Thanks for the concert!

  2. hehe
    I have a playlist I key up on those nights when I get oddly anxious, bad memories, or my brain just wont settle down.

    A couple of suggestions:
    Emily Browning singing The Smiths “Sing me to Sleep”

    Hans Zimmers “Time” from Inception

    Great subject Jade

  3. You dont NEED to to see the movie Jade LOL, (though I liked it with some caveats), what did you think of the song?
    Emilys version is a bit heart wrenching and uplifting at once I thought.

    – wolf

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