Last Year was an Interesting one… And I suspect this one will be even more so.

I returned to Writing after some 4 or 5 years of not.

And the Experience has been Tremendous.

I recently had my First 16 Poems from this Blog Edited, and Printed into a Small Little Book… I had two different ones Printed, to check out Two Possible Covers.

I liked them both, but may Create a Third, which may be the Final one. Or I’ll Print all Three Covers.

There is a Little Local Book Store that recently Reopened, and supposedly they like to work with Local Writers… I have E-mailed someone there, that I spoke to last month… And soon hope to find out who to send the Sample Book to, so that they may determine whether they’d like to carry it in their store. It would be on a Consignment Basis, so there is basically No Risk for them.

I just need to Figure out the Price Point with them, as I can’t imagine it will Sell for much, and so the Printing might be Too Expensive… Time will tell.

I suspect anything I do with my Poetry wont so much be to make any money, but more to just get my Writing out there and in to People’s Hands. My thinking is, also, that if they like My Writing, perhaps they will consider checking out one of my Future Books. Time will tell that too..

But either way, it is Truly Amazing to actually hold in your hand a Printed Work of something that you’ve Written…

I Highly Recommend that you do it, even if you don’t try to sell your work.

Over the next 6 Months or so, I hope to have More of my Poems Edited, and potentially Self Publish them as well.

Also, I will be looking to create an ebook with this First Book, which will allow me to sell it for much cheaper… And, I’d like to give some of my Readers a Free Copy of the ebook as well.

I’d love to get you guys Printed Copies for Free, but at the moment, that might be a bit difficult, lol. Primarily because of all the Shipping Cost. Perhaps at a later time.

Even though I never planned on ever Writing and Self Publishing any Poems, as it’s turned out, I ended up Writing quite a few Poems last year… And some of you seemed to like them, which was Encouraging… And I Thank You for it…

Your “Likes”, and or Candid Comments on several of my Pieces, is Very Much Appreciated… And has Truly Played a Large Part of the Catalyst that has Driven me to have them Edited, and Now Printed.

I’m also looking forward to having my First Ever Novella Edited, and then Self Publish it as well… Though I may need to do some Reworking of it myself prior to getting it into My Editor’s (My Oldest Sister, lol) Hands.

Anyway, it should be an interesting year, and I look forward to continuing to Write My A$$ Off!! lol

The Trick is to stop long enough on occasion, to actually deal with Editing Work, as well as Self Publishing it… As I don’t want to stop any kind of Writing Flow I’ve got going now, as I really enjoy it, and it’s what I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

Thanks for all your Continued Support… It’s Very Much Appreciated


PICTURE CREDIT – Shades of Blue

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