Chess With Agatha (Chapter Four) – Hunting Unicorns

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade



CHAPTER FOUR – Hunting for Unicorns


Jodan, Morr and The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd are riding around the Hemmum Forest of Ila’s Morn…

Jodan looking most robust in his finest Hunting Gear… Where as Morr, is in his typical all black attire, his skin fairer than ever… Looking terribly bored.

“Come now Jodan, how can you possibly expect us to find Unicorns… Even if they do exist, they are renowned for being… Discrete” complains Morr.

Meanwhile Hemmingbyrd sits off alone on his Galant White Horse, whose name is constantly changing, biting his nails in dismay.

Hemmingbyrd spits out a nail and “I tell you… This is not the way…” he exclaims on deaf ears.

“We shall find these Unicorns… And we shall bring forth Arodos… And the power of his horn shall be ours… It is our only hope of defeating The Black Army of Norawyn…” explains Jodan as he continues to ride.


Meanwhile back at the Dark Fortress, Iliad, the Fool, makes his way mock-jovially, down the corridor nearest Hemmingbyrd’s Chambers…

As he approaches Hemmingbyrd’s door, he pulls out what looks to be a Skeleton Key, and makes for the lock…

But before he can insert the key, the door slowly begins to open, until it is wide…

Iliad seems a bit concerned by this “Tis nothing… Maybe a wind” but stays on course, and enters the Good Wizard’s Chambers.

“WHAM!!” the door slams shut behind him, and he is alone, in the dark.

Quickly he rushes to the window, and draws back the great grey drapes which cover it…. And the Sunlight does burst in.

“There we go… Now to have a look around” Iliad starts to quickly go through many of Hemmingbyrd’s Drawers, many of which hold a multitude of additional Blue Wizard Robes… “One can never be too prepared” Hemmingbyrd often said.

“Stop thinking about him… Stop thinking about him” Iliad exclaimed out loud to himself, and hit his own head with his flailing hands…

Which may have explained why he hadn’t noticed the slowly growing Blue Storm Sphere that had appeared in the middle of the room…

In fact, it wasn’t until this Storm Sphere’s first Thunder Clapped, that he finally did notice.

“CRACK!!” it sounded, and Iliad stood straight up in fright… Not turning to look behind him… Until he finally did.

And by the time he looked the Blue Sphere had grown to about a foot in diameter… The Thunder Cracking on occasion within it…

“CRACCKKK CRACCKOOOM!!” with this Iliad jumped under Hemmingbyrd’s Dark Wood Desk…


Agatha sat alone in her dark apartment, in the middle of the room, as she often did.

Pondering the happenings of the day, and the last couple months.

“What is this Other Life that Agamemnon keeps speaking of… And… Why do we keep playing Chess… And… How is it we are able to speak Telepathically…” she ponders profusely to herself.

“Hmmph” she grunts as she digs through her M & M’s, looking for the Orange One’s… Her favorite.

When suddenly a cool breeze seems to begin to fill the room.

“Wow… Feels like someone turned the A/C on in here… If I had A/C that is…” she pondered this for a moment, and than continued on with her inner rant.

“Not that I should complain… It’s not like I have Friends to spare…” she tosses all the other colored M & M’s into the nearby waste basket, and continues to eat the orange one’s.

“No… Agamemnon is basically all I’ve got…” with this she appears to look sad… Not that you can really see her face in the covered darkness.

The room continues to get cold, and she gets up to grab her jacket “What the heck’s with the chilly air” she then heads over near the doorway to check if it’s coming from underneath her door.

And takes note of Elias’s Cherry Wood Cane by the door… And that’s when the dark blue glow came from behind her…


Jodan, Morr and Hemmingbyrd continue to make their way deeper into the Enchanted Forest of Ila’s Morn.

“This is ludicrous Jodan… There are no such things as Unicorns…” Morr complains.

“I’m afraid Morr may be right Old Boy, we’d best head back to the Dark Fortress before Nightfall… Who knows what Devilish Creatures might rise here when the Sun does fall…” Hemmingbyrd throws out as he suddenly brings his horse to a full halt.

Morr takes note, turns, and stops his dark brown horse Myriad.

“What is it old man?!” with this, Jodan now stops as well.

Hemmingbyrd sits perfectly still… And his Eyes grow blue… “I needs relieve myself… carry on, I’ll catch up” he replies calmly.

And so Jodan and Morr head on.

Meanwhile Hemmingbyrd continues to hold perfectly still… Not even casting a breath… In fact the only movement within the wood is that of the Light Beams that make their way through the Ancient Branches of Ila’s Morn… And the occasional buzzing by Fairy, as the forest is full of them.

The stillness grows…

“Where are you… I can feel you… But I can’t–” Hemmingbyrd’s thoughts are cut off with a Site like no other…

About 77 Feet away from him, there stands a White Unicorn drinking from The Enchanted Ila’s Morn Stream near by…

“There you are…” and suddenly the Unicorn looks up at the Watchful Wizard, as if it hears Hemmingbyrd’s thoughts.

When in truth… it does.

“There there, there old boy… You need not fear me”

Hemmingbyrd thinks to him. Or, her?

It’s Unicorn’s eyes seem black at first… But then lighten.

When suddenly Morr is standing beside Hemmingbyrd…

“You were going to keep this to yourself, weren’t you old boy…” Morr speaks with the calmness of death.

Hemmingbyrd is stunned that he didn’t hear Morr approach… But then again, no one ever hears Morr approach.


PHOTO CREDIT – Enchanted Forest


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