Dark Rider – Seasons Change

Wogtay’s Castle

Dark Rider, Largoth, Iloh, Elsya, Ems and Ukorian have all been summoned to King Wogtay’s Royal Chamber.

And stand before King Wogtay.

“Thank you for coming… And thank you all for your assistance in defending our Kingdom”.

“Why have you summoned us here my Liege…” Iloh is quick to ask.

“It appears as though I am in need of a Champion…” King Wogtay replies.

With this Dark Rider steps forward…

“I am to blame for the death of your Champion…” he states.

“No!! This is not True” Iloh interjects.

“Either way, Lord Embul is alive and well… And I’m sure at his Keep of Madagor to the East, hatching a new diabolical plan…” The King explains.

“I am no Assassin” The Dark Rider speaks.

“What exactly… Are you Dark Rider” the King questions.

Elsya steps forward “He is a Free Man… Nothing more” she insists.

The Dark Rider looks at Elsya quizzically.

“Indeed” Wogtay replies.

Iloh steps forward “My Men and I will travel to the east, and put an end to Lord Embul… For a price” she puts forth.

“HaHaHa!!” the King laughs. “You are living up to your name oh Mighty Iloh…” he replies.

Iloh does not look amused.

“Very well, I shall send an assortment of my men with you… Let it be done” he proclaims.

Iloh bows slightly, and leaves, Ems and Ukorian follow right behind.

Dark Rider then bows, and leaves, with Largoth and Elsya at his side.

Outside the Castle

Elsya and The Dark Rider speak.

“What will you do now” she questions.

“I”m not exactly sure” he replies as he mounts his horse Tribune.

“And you?” he inquires.

“Oh, my people want me to find a mate, as odd as that sounds…” she explains as she mounts her white horse.

“A mate?” Dark Rider replies, a bit surprised by this.

“It’s a Tribal thing” she explains.

“And to tell you the truth–” she begins, but Dark Rider interrupts…

“Are you allowed to Cross Breed?” he questions with a semi serious face.

Elsya smiles “Is that your way of saying you’re interested” and she rides off.

“Could be” The Dark Riders replies under his breath as he watches her ride off.


Season 2 – Part One

Season 1



2 Responses to “Dark Rider – Seasons Change”

  1. Good ending to this piece, very well written!

    • Interesting, as it was not intended to be The End of the Dark Rider Series… But I can see why you took it that way… As, it is The End of this Chapter of his Adventures…

      Who knows what, or where The Dark Rider will do next…

      Thanks for your Comment and Compliment Boring


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