DarkJade’s – Fire


When I look at you…

It burns my skin

Your Eyes look through me…

I fall apart





By your smile


By your Love





I can not withstand you…

I Bring you in

I put you out…

You will not go



In the End…

It’s all the same

I love you…

You don’t feel the same




I am undone…


PICTURE CREDIT (‘S) – Fire Rose, Fire Art, Ashes to Ashes

6 Responses to “DarkJade’s – Fire”

  1. This is actually fantastic. Short and effective, and I love the song choices too.

    • Thank you Anna… Was fiddling a bit with the In, and Out, of Verse and Music

      As I found myself in need of more than words for this particular one… Or at least, in need for more than words whilst writing it… Though looking at it, the words should be ok on their own if/when published… Which is always my hope when adding Video for the sake of Posting

      Thanks again Anna, your Regard, is High Regard


  2. I am glad you liked my post. Your blog looks fantastic. I am always amazed at the the visuals some bloggers manage to post. I’m a bit envious.

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