Tales of The Dark Rider – The Captive

Tales of The Dark Rider – The Captive

Our Tale now takes us Two Years later into The Dark Rider’s Life…

Two years beyond the Defeat of Lord Embul’s Dark Army at the Walls of Wogtay’s Kingdom…

Two years beyond parting from Elsya.


The Dark Rider is chained up and bloodied by some sort of Dark Conjuring…

Have you had enough?” questions the all too familiar voice of The Scarlet Bandit

Because we’ve only just begun…” The Red Bandit quietly proclaimed as he circled his Capture.

So… After Wogtay’s Defense, you, Iloh, Largoth, Elsya, Ukorian and Ems parted ways…” he spoke, knowing full well that, that was indeed the case.

The Dark Rider did not reply.

Largoth returned home to Rodomor I’d imagine…the Red Bandit continued.

Yes…” The Dark Rider finally replied, his voice gravely, and worn.

And what became of Iloh and her companions?” the Red Bandit mockingly questioned.

They Slayed Lord Embul…” Dark Rider replied.

I see… But Ems–” The Scarlet Bandit started, but The Dark Rider interrupted.

Was badly wounded…” Dark Rider spoke.

And is no longer a Merchenary… Tsk, Tsk… Such a shame” the Red Bandit continued to mock.

I believe that is so… Yes” replied Dark Rider.

And Iloh and Ukorian?” the Red Bandit questioned.

They each went their own way… As far as I know… Beyond that, I can not say” The Dark Rider explained.

Well then… Let me fill you in…” spoke the Red Bandit…

Ukorian, soon there after, having aquired the taste for “Heroism”, joined the Ranks of The Brotherhood of Medun… Where he is now very well liked, and established” spoke The Red Bandit.

And Iloh I hear about from time to time… It seems she has become very involved in High Profiled Secretive Missions… Much to do with King Wogtay’s reference I dare say…” with this The Red Bandit grabs Dark Rider by the face.

Oh yes… She does make a pretty penny indeed…” he then discards his face.

But Elsya… Now that is a different story… I must say I haven’t heard hide nor hair about her…” he finishes then turns towards The Dark Rider.

But being a Rendolyn Elf… I can not say I am surprised…” he continues.

He then puts his dagger under Dark Riders throat…

Pehaps you can tell me more…” the Dark Rider does not reply

Ah come on now, the more interesting you make this, the longer you stay alive…” the Red Bandit threatens.

Elsya was to be mated with one of her people… It is not likely that she will be seen again in the Human Lands…” the Dark Rider explains.

The Scarlet Bandit removes his dagger from Dark Rider’s throat “I see… So she’s off making little Elven Babies somewhere, eh…” the Red Bandit turns away and scratches his chin.

I suspect… I do not know for sure…” The Dark Rider continues.

Interesting… Interesting”  the Red Bandit faces him once more “This is good stuff” he continues.

Meanwhile you retired your Blade… Or… Blades I might say” he walks towards Dark Rider once more.

Gave up being a Mercenary… Avoided the Fame and Glory that seemed to be growing around you…” he stops in front of Dark Rider.

Something like that” Dark Rider replies, his head dropping from exhaustion and dehydration.

But lucky me, I just happened to be one of your last “Hurrah’s” before your Retirement…” the Red Bandit spits at him, his anger growing.

How kind of you” he finishes.

The Red Bandit than stabs Dark Rider’s right shoulder with the dagger.

Arghh!!” The Dark Rider exclaims.

He then pulls The Dark Rider’s left ear right to his mouth “Do you realize how hard it has been to rebuild my Fortunes… Regain my Respect…” with this he twists the dagger in The Dark Rider’s Arm.

For this you shall pay Dark Rider… You… And your Friends” with this he tears the dagger out of The Dark Rider’s Arm, and leaves.

The Dark Rider’s Deep Blue Eyes following after.



PHOTO CREDIT – Kanamack, Forrest Warrior in Magic Chains

Dark Rider – Season 1 & 2



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