Chess With Agatha (Chapter 5.5) – A Fool’s Heart

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER FIVE (Part Two) – A Fool’s Heart



Iliad and Agatha make their way through the many dark corridors of The Dark Fortress of Doom.

“Wow… This place is…” Agatha speaks, causing Iliad to stop and look at her.

“Dark” she simply says.

“Well…” he replies and starts to walk again “Yes” he continues.

“I mean this place is really terrifying…” Agatha persists.

“Yes… Yes it is” he replies once more, this time sounding a bit irritated.

Then a realization suddenly brushes over Agatha…

“Wait a minute… Am I like… In an Evil Castle?? I mean… Are you guys like… The Bad Guys?” she questions Iliad profusely.

With this Iliad leaps towards her, and presses her up against one of the corridor walls… One of his fingers pressed firmly against her lips.

“Shhh… Not so loud” he whispers with urgency.

With this he peers down one of the corridors, and then the other.

“You mustn’t let Jodan and Morr here you speak that way…” he removes his finger.

“Jodan? and… Morr??” she questions.

“Here” with this Iliad removes a brightly yellow stoned ring from his left hand, and places it on her right hand’s ring finger…

“Keep this” he says, and then continues to make his way down the corridor, Agatha closing closely behind.

“Thank you?” she says questioningly.

At last they arrive at one of the many Guest Chambers “This shall be your room” Iliad planely states, as he theatrically gestures towards a black door, which has a gargoyle knocker on it.

Agatha shrugs, then hesitantly opens the door.

“Dinner shall be ready at eight… We eat fairly late here” Iliad explains.

Agatha looks back at Iliad “okay” with a pale look about her.

Iliad looks a bit frustrated and suddenly blurts out “You’re the Queen… It’s your Fortress… If you can defeat The Black Army of Norawyn that is…” now Agatha looks totally confused.

With this, Iliad shuffles her into her chambers, shuts the door behind him, and sits her upon the great four post bed which is in the chamber.

“Don’t you know anything about your own destiny??” he exclaims.

“Uhh… Destiny?” she replies.

“I have been communicating to you for weeks and weeks, have you not heard me??” he questions.

“Wait… That was you??” she blurts forth.

“You shall need Two Knights… You shall need Two Magicians?? Hemingbyrd being one… But you shall need a second” he exclaims.

“And two Rooks?” she questions half jokingly…

“No no no” he says as he grabs her arms and looks at her “Jodan and Morr are your Rooks”

“Not that there’s anything comforting about that” he lets go of her arms and stands.

“And what about you?” she questions.

“Me?” he replies surprised by the question “I am but a Fool… And no one loves a Fool…” he makes his way towards the door, then turns to face her once more “Right?”.

“Dinner at eight, a servant shall fetch you… Rest up your Highness… Tomorrow will be a busy day, and there’s still Dinner to be had” with this he leaves the chamber.


PICTURE CREDIT – Old Interiors in Architecture


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  2. Not necessarily my choice in reading material, but it got my attention. I’ll read the rest and see what’s going on. Nicely done, this part!

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