Winter, Lust, And Wonder


Shameless I know, but I’m “FAIRLY EXCITED!!!” lol

If you’d like a Copy you can get it Here DarkJade Publishing, lol… I decided to call my CreateSpace eStore Site, “DarkJade Publishing”, being most of my Self Published Work to come will be Written right here… Oh, Here’s a DISCOUNT CODE for my Readers J2Z6GWXQ, which will save you 20% anyway… I should be adding Dark Blue, and Dark Green Copies within the week.

And at some point, I want to make it available as an Ebook, which I would love to give all my Readers for Free, but I have no idea how that works yet. For now, I just have the Printed Version Available.

Thank you all so much for all your Comments and “Likes”, along my way… The Encouragement you all gave me went a long way towards pushing me to Self Publish my Poetry, which I probably never would have otherwise considered doing…

So Thanks!

I really do appreciate all My Readers, Followers, and Comrades in Ink…

For more about my Self Publishing, check out my New Self Published Work Page


17 Responses to “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”

  1. A big congratulations Mr. James Mahoney.

    You have a great author’s name by the way. Do you ship to England?

    • CreateSpace does the actual Printing and Shipping, and they’re an Affiliate to I believe, so I’m sure they Ship out there

      Thank you for the Congratulations, and the Compliment… I could have gone with James Patrick Mahoney for an extra kick, but maybe I’ll save that for later, ha

      Just keeping it simple for now


  2. Just checked…

    Standard shipping: Estimated delivery date: Fri, Mar 16, 2012

    That’s a long wait…

  3. Well then I will just have to wait. could be quicker.

  4. Guess what arrived today! I have it right here sitting next to me, waiting to be read.

    • Oh wow, I can’t believe how Quickly it got to you… Maybe Amazon is Faster for International…

      Woo Hoo!

      How do you like The Cover, Color, and How it Looks?


      • I am loving the dark red! A somewhat fingerprint magnet cover with a humongous barcode kind of spoils the simplicity. But I like it! I will read it tonight before bed.

        • Nice, I’m so Happy to hear about the Red… It’s the Second Red I’ve Tried, the First I tried with a Printing Company that mainly focus’s on Comic Book Printing… Instead of Dark Red, it kind of came out a Burnt Sienna… The Architect I do some Work for loved the Burnt Sienna, so I gave that Copy to Him…

          I got a Proof Copy of the one you received, and I liked the way the Red came out as well… The major Difference between it, and the one I had made with the Printing Company is, The Finger Print Thing… The other Company’s isn’t Laminated, and is a bit Shorter in Height, and is more like something you can Stick in Your Purse…

          This one however that you got, looks more like something you’d Buy in a Book Store, at least in My Opinion…

          When I Leave a Sample with the Local Bookstore I’m looking into having carry it, I will probably give them the Option Between the Two… But I would Imagine they’ll choose the type you got, it looks probably Four Times more Professional. Even though it has the Finger Print Issue.

          As far as the Bar Code, I probably don’t Buy Enough Books to have noticed it being big at all… I’m okay with it, mainly because it came out so Professional, and their Shipping Time is about Four Times Faster than this other Printer I’m looking at.

          In Fact, I have an Order in with the Printing Company for Four Different Colors, and it’s already been weeks… But I knew it would be, they told me it would be about a Month before I got them… But during that time, I got the one you have set up online, and got a Copy Sent to me…

          If they delay it any further, I might Cancel, and just Order a Couple More from the online place, and try to give those to the Book Store… There’s Blue now as well, and Soon Dark Green.

          Anyway, I’m glad you like it, look forward to Hearing how you like the Poems.

          Thanks for Checking it out Noiri, I really Appreciate it.


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