Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Tamaron and I had returned to the 197… And Captain Fire was Pissed…

“How dare you to go against a Direct Order Nisho! And what kind of Example is this for Tamaron, who only recently signed on with us…” he questioned.

“I–” I tried to speak, but he was too heated and simply talked right over me as he paced back and forth before the great window looking out to space in his Personal Chambers.

“No!! Nothing you say will convince me differently…” he spat as he paced, rubbing his chin in rapid contemplation.

“Captain Fire Sir, I take full responsibility for my taking part in all of this…” Tamaron kindly chimed in, but to no avail… The Captain was pissed.

Captain Fire then faced Tamaron “What were you supposed to do, say no to the one person you have any trust in on this ship… No, Nisho is to blame, she is Senior over you… Now both of you to your Quarters while I figure out what I’m going to do with the two of you… Meanwhile I still need to find Jenna” the Captain started to pace once more, as Tamaron and I departed.

But just as we were about to depart Tamaron turned back and said one more thing.

“Jono will find her… And… Nisho happens to Love Jenna… You might take that into consideration the next time one of your Crew decides to take things into their own hands…” with this Tamaron left, leaving Captain Fire stunned.

And me… Well.. Impressed.

Kolaween Space Station

Quadrant 12

Jono, Wardon and Wardon’s Robot Smidge tear across the Space Station on course for where the bartender had communicated to the Kidnapper.

Suddenly Jenna appeared, blood splashed upon her clothing, and tears in her eyes…

The Blood was not her own.

“COME ON!! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!!” she yelled, and Jono, Wardon and Smidge simply listened to her and they all headed towards the Space Pod.


Two Guards lay dead on the floor, necks broken, and limbs shattered.

“Very nice Sister… Very nice indeed…” Merrick speaks as he looks at the bloodied bodies, and then the monitor on his watch which shows Jenna, Jono, Warden and Smidge running to their Space Pod.


PICTURE CREDIT – Tamaron, Green Space Ship, Merrick

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