Chess With Agatha (Chapter Six) – Table Manners

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER SIX – Table Manners



Sitting at the Long Royal Dining Table is The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, The Bearded Jodan, and the Fair Skin, Dark Haired Morr…

Meanwhile, Iliad The Fool is sitting atop a nearby Vase Table, legs crossed, apparently mumbling to himself.

Hemmingbyrd attempts to make light conversation.

“Well then… Hadenworb” he spoke.

Which of course means, “She should be here any moment”. But only Iliad knows this.

Suddenly Agatha enters the Dining Hall, her Golden Hair Gleaming, and Blue Eyes Glowing, as she makes her way to the table wearing a sky blue lace dress, covered by her ever present long black coat, and of course lets not forget her black, stomping Doc Martin Boots.

Instantly her gaze falls upon Morr who sits silently dressed in all black, save his maroon velvet vest… She notes that he is looking at his Ornate Glass of Dark Red Drink, and stirring it oh so slightly with one of his fingers.

Her eyes then make there way to Jodan, a large, dark brown grizzly bearded fellow, who seems to make a half sort of smile at her as she comes.

Hemmingbyrd quickly leaps to his feet and brings her to her chair “There you are my Lady… I hope that your accommodations are quite satisfying…” he blerps out friendlily.

“They’re fine thank you” she replies, and sits next to Hemmingbyrd, who is sitting directly across from Jodan and Morr.

“This is Jodan…” Hemmingbyrd motions towards Jodan.

“Greetings my Lady” he darkly replies, in his gravely voice.

“And this is… Morr” Hemmingbyrd says, speaking so low, that one can hardly hear him.

With this Morr looks up from his drink, his eyes are wholly black, but glisten yellow for just a moment, as he maniacally grins just slightly.

With this Agatha’s Blue Eyes Darken, an she loses her breath for a moment.

“A Vampire??? Morr is a… Vampire??” she thinks to herself.

“Is this some kind of a sick joke…” she finishes.

“I’m afraid not” Hemmingbyrd speaks to her in her mind, and she quickly looks at him, as he appears to be enjoying his salad.

“Delicious salad, is it not” Hemmingbyrd suddenly speaks, turns, and smiles at Agatha.

Meanwhile Iliad is pretending not to pay attention, but is completely focused on Agatha.

“Sooo…” Agatha starts to speak “You’re a blood sucker, eh” she suddenly says, and Morr leaps to his feet, his fingernails digging into the table, and eyes glowing yellow.

Hemmingbyrd quickly stands and waves his hands about “Woe, Woe, Woe now… Lets not start things out on a bad note” he says.

With this Morr sits back down, drinks his full glass of… Blood… And then turns the cup upside down with a.


“My Lady… It is not such a good idea to anger Morr” Hemmingbyrd reaches out to Agatha’s Mind once more.

Agatha then looks over at Jodan “And I suppose you’re a Werewolf…” she speaks half mockingly.

With this the whole room goes silent.

“We prefer… Lycanthrope, my Lady” Jodan replies as he continues to feast upon his very rare, and very large steak.

With this Agatha stands straight up “Are you kidding!! You ARE a Werewolf!!??” with this Hemmingbyrd pulls at her arm, bringing her back to her seat.

Morr than stands “You best learn some manners my Lady…” he hisses at her.

In the background Iliad can vaguely be heard saying “Nevermind that she’s the Princess of this Fortress, and by all rights, the current Queen…”.

With this all look at Iliad who continues to mumble to himself.

Suddenly Agatha jumps up on the table, almost as if possessed, her hair then turns to black, as she sticks her left arm outwardly towards the rooms entrance, where suddenly Agamemnon’s Cherry Red Cane suddenly flies into the room, and into her hand.

From it she draws forth a brilliant Silver Blade, and holds the tip of it to Morr’s Neck.

By now Jodan is standing “She is of Elias’s Blood…” he simply states.

But before Agatha can do anything, Morr is behind her, grabs a chair, and swings it at her back, but just as he does…

“BWAM!!!!” A Yellow Shield Covers Agatha’s Body, and Morr is blown back against the Dinging Hall’s Wall.

“Ooommff!” and falls to the floor.

With this Hemmingbyrd quickly looks at the now glowing yellow ring on her finger, from which the shield appears to have come.

He then looks at Iliad “You gave her the ring I gave you??”.

With this Iliad at last looked up from his mumblings and simply said “I thought Dinner might get a bit… Messy”.

With this Agatha’s hair turned back to Golden Blond, and her eyes dimmed a bit “Ok what just happened to me” she spoke before falling to the table and passing out.

“Odenbray” spoke Hemmingbyrd as he slapped his forehead.

“Tomorrow we’re eating out”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Energy Vampire


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  1. Table manners indeed!!! Love your chapter headings!

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