DarkJade Presents – Mozart

My Favorite Composer

Piano Concerto No. 21 Andante

The Marriage of Figaro


The Piano Sonata No 16 in C major

Thanks for Listening





6 Responses to “DarkJade Presents – Mozart”

  1. Mozart’s brilliance is always welcome =) Thanks for sharing these

  2. lostupabove Says:

    One of my favourites too. I think Mozart is at his best when he is writing music in minor keys, piano concertos 20 and 24, string quartet K 421, piano sonata K 310. I love his operas, have seen them all and have you heard the piano quintet K 452?

    • Listening to K 452, I’m not sure that I’ve heard this before, Amazing.

      Concertos 20 I believe I’ve heard, very nice. I’m not sure that I’ve heard 24 before, also awesome. K 421 is Amazing. The K 310 I’m very familiar with.

      Can Hardly watch the Mozart Movie, too sad… But I do love it.


      • lostupabove Says:

        K 452 was seen by Mozart as one of his best works. He wrote a few letters saying so. And do you know the slow movement of 23 and 22. Less well known but certainly not the lesser of 21.
        Love Steph

        If you would post a comment you may want to know I will be gone for a week and will only be back on monday 27.

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